Participate in our affiliate program

We love to tell homeschooling families about our program.  But they *really* want to hear from YOU!

Yes, your own experience with our program is what will let your friends know that they aren’t just getting a sales pitch.

We offer an affiliate program exclusively to our subscribers.  After all, who better to spread the word and tell people how you like the program and how you utilize it in your own homeschool?

As an affiliate you will earn 25% of all sales that come through your affiliate link.  We pay our affiliates once a month via paypal.

It’s easy to be an affiliate.  We provide your personalized affiliate link for use on Facebook, Twitter, and in emails.  We also provide graphics and banners that you can use on your blog or website!


If you are already a subscriber, simply go to and click the “Login” button.



The first page you will come to after logging in will look like this. Click on the tab that says “Affiliate Info”





Click on “Affiliate Info” and there will be a drop-down menu where you can access banners, your sales info, and tell us how to pay you!




Your general affiliate link is what you’ll want to use if you use email, twitter, or any general linked public message. The banner codes come in a few different standard sizes, and are sure to fit and look nicely on the sidebar of your blog or website.



These are the other banner designs and sizes we have so far!



Do you have questions for us that were not covered here?  Send ‘em to