Dyslexia in Our Homeschool: Tips and Encouragement

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Dyslexia in your homeschoolOne of the questions I get sometimes from Enrichment Studies parents is about dyslexia. What to do about it. How to help the kids learn. How to proceed! So I did a periscope broadcast to share about our journey with dyslexia with two of our sons, and I gave a bunch of ideas for ways to keep learning even when reading and writing are so difficult.  I’ve got the replay here for you, and a list of recommended resources below.

What’s working for your dyslexic kids?  What other areas do you need help with?  Leave a comment!

Recommended Resources Mentioned in this Scope:

Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds is the program that eventually helped our older dyslexic son make huge strides forward in his ability to read and write!  They offer help by Skype and have a workbook/DVD that can help you.


Classical Conversations Foundations Audio CD set:  There is so much good help here for memorization!

Skip Counting songs:  I have a whole pin board of them for you!

Sonlight:  Our all-time favorite curriculum.

Bookshark:  The secular branch of Sonlight, for those that prefer a non-religious curriculum.

Brave Writer:  My favorite approach for all things writing and language arts (plus super duper encouraging for moms!)

Quotes from U.S. Presidents:  We are using these this year and really enjoying them.  

Notebooking Pages:  These can be so fun and easy, without a lot of stress.  Kids can easily do copywork, make lists, take notes, or share their thoughts about what they’re learning.

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