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My family has had the pleasure of using CTCMath, and I know so many homeschool families love it too.  Why?

  • A dramatic lift in their child’s confidence and attitude.
  • Lessons are short and to the point
  • Kids learn at their own speed. In the video tutorials
    they can stop and rewind the teacher as many times as they need to until they get it.
  • Plus the teacher never gets annoyed or frustrated with them. (Sanity saver for mom!)
  • Improved math results using multi-sensory methods which ensure retention.
  • Detailed progress reports.
  • And a whole lot less stress when it’s math time for both parents AND kids.


CTCMath is an online Math curriculum for all grades, and I love how economical it is for homeschool families!  One price for all of your kids makes it SO affordable and easy to just keep going.

I’m very happy to tell you that CTC has generously offered to sponsor this giveaway of a 12 Month Family Membership valued at $297 to one lucky winner!  How awesome is THAT?

Additionally, CTC is extending a special to all of you Facebook Partiers.  Check out the Special Offer below the giveaway signup!

You can read my review of CTC math here.

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Giveaway is now closed.  Winner is Marcella.

1 winner

Winner gets a 12 Month Family Membership to CTC Math.  ($297 value)

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Special Offer:

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  1. Have been using CTC for a few months now and my kids and myself really enjoy it.

    • I struggle with keeping my daughter’s attention during math, and also struggle getting her to complete her work without me next to her for every problem.

  2. I hate teaching math because it was never my strong subject so I don’t feel equipped enough.

  3. My 5 year old is working on 1st grade math and is almost finished with his book. I would LOVE this resource. I love teaching him math because I love the look in his eyes when he just “gets” it.

  4. What I don’t like about teaching math is that it’s been so long since I had high school math, so it’s difficult to remember how to do math problems to help my high schooler.

  5. My son loves math, so it’s easier – but not a subject I like – which makes it harder 🙁

  6. Math Meltdowns! He hates new concepts.

  7. Teaching a child who gets it… when I don’t. lol

  8. We have been looking at this curriculum for a while now and would love to try it!

  9. We are a very bookish, artsy bunch here, no one really like math, including me! I don’t mind teaching up until 7th grade, after that> yuck! We need CTC!!!

  10. I love teaching math because there are so many different ways to approach. My older two are 6 & 3 so I make math games out of just about anything (how many cups do we have, how many pairs of socks, etc.)

  11. My kids all love math, and they pick it up quickly, so right now I’m kind of disappointed I don’t get to TEACH it more, they do it mostly on their own… lol.

  12. I don’t like when my kids get so frustrated with it.

  13. I dislike teaching Math mainly because I have twins who are learning the same concepts but are very different learners. One is completely right brained, the other is left brained!

  14. I find it so hard teaching my son with dyslexia. We go through the same concept over and over and then the next day we have to start all over

  15. Both of my boys have Aspergers… & the youngest has ODD as well. Si the oldest stresses out, the youngest gets defiant. Need something fun, & stress free.

  16. I love teaching math because there are so many real life applications.

  17. CTC has been working for both of my girls and I am SO happy. I have gone through 6 different curriculums for my 15 year old.

  18. I dislike having to look for a visual freebie on the internet to go with our current math curriculum if they are having trouble understanding.

  19. I hated Math in school because none of my teachers made it fun. By the time I had a teacher who cared I was a sophomore in college.

  20. I really love math until I get to algebra. I guess I am old-school and never learned it.. Now my son (16) loves geometry and tells younger siblings it is fun and shows them how to do it!

  21. Trying to get my son interested in math

  22. I love math but have a harder time teaching my middle son. He learns very differently from me.

  23. I love that my 3rd child is naturally good at math. It is a breath of fresh air after teaching two that weren’t! There is hope, though. I’ve noticed my oldest (a college student) quickly calculating things in her head. Recently, my husband (a math and logic whiz) misspoke about the percentage of something and my daughter quickly corrected him. *mouth dropping open*

  24. I understand some concepts but can’t explain them well. It’s so frustrating!

  25. Teaching math is hard for me because it was not my favorite in school. I must say that every year I teach it, I do get better myself!

  26. I love watching the lightbulb go on when they finally understand how to do the math area they are working on.

  27. Both my kids are naturally gifted with math skills. I am not, and have a difficult time explaining new concepts to them. CTC math is one I have wanted to try for a while.

  28. My kids really dislike monotonous pages of math problem after math problem. I really dislike it when they seem to completely understand a concept one minute and then seem to have completely forgotten about it the next. 😉

  29. I love the excitement of students when they realize they are good at math.

  30. None of my children enjoy math. However, I like that math can be systematic. Simply remember the formulas and follow the process!Now word problems, they are a whole other beast!

  31. I love math except for geometry. Teaching my son is hard because he gets frustrated easily. I have been eyeing CTC Math for a while.

  32. My daughter struggles with math but excels elsewhere. It was never my strong suit either and now that I am working with her on it more closely and looking for resources to help I find that I am actually learning right along with her and so that’s kind of a bonus for us. The part I dislike is seeing how hard she tries and how difficult it is for her to understand math without manipulatives – she feels discouraged.

  33. Before pulling our daughter from public school she had been struggling with the teachers and math. She would ask them to explain in a different way and would often have them explain it exactly as they had the first time. Eventually she gave up knowing she could ask mom when she got home. Fast forward to today (1 1/2 yes into our home school journey) and the attitude of “I can’t do math,” still persists even though the first half of her elementary school years she didn’t have issues with math. She does well over all but easily gets frustrated when she doesn’t get it – which often leads me to telling her to put it away (for a mental break) and do something else for a while and an hour or two later I will sit down with her and we work together to see what is tripping her up. I think the worst part is when the book(s) have not explained some concepts and then through problems at them. We start high school next year so I am looking for something to help her build her confidence in math again.

  34. Math is NOT my subject. Never has been, probably never will be 🙂 But I’m hoping to find the program that will help my kids love it.

  35. High school math is difficult for me to teach. All my kids hate math, and it’s a struggle to get them to do it.

  36. Oh my . . . I would absolutely LOVE to win CTC Math! I hate memorizing all of the formulas. I would like to try this program with my daughter, because I hear that they explain lesson content in a simple, straight-forward, age-appropriate way for children. Alyssa learns a lot using computer-based (online) learning programs especially when it comes to advanced math concepts. I also appreciate that the program tracks and stores progress making it easier to share records with my ex. My favorite feature of CTC Math is that you have access to the entire system which would enable my daughter to work at her own pace (individualized lessons). It would be a blessing to win this giveaway. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  37. I love that my boys are willing to do their math lessons (the same can not always be said about language arts)!

  38. I actually love teaching math. I love relearning it alongside my children, and grading it is always easy, as opposed to grading writing.

  39. I hate that math is my strongest subject and yet, I struggle in teaching it. Five kids in five different levels of math….bring on the help! LOL! 😉

  40. Though, my kids are doing well in Math, it’s not an easy subject to teach. As my children are getting older and moving up in grade level, there are more and more concepts that need to be taught and I wish for some assistance in filling that need so my children meet the requirements for their specific grade.

  41. I would LOVE to win this! I have been considering this curriculum for a while now. I love it when my children catch on to concepts quickly in math, but I hate it when they get discouraged.

  42. what I love about teaching math is that I get to review our relearn :-). how I wish I learned differently as I realized there’s nothing to fear about math.

  43. I love to see our children get excited when a math concept ‘clicks’ for them. It is really fun to see them enjoy learning.

  44. I was branded ‘retarded’ in elementary school because I was not a natural at math. I struggled and failed all throughout school. Ironically in graduate school I taught logic to undergraduate students very successfully. So I learned about different intelligences and the narrow scope of standard education. Now I find I have difficulty teaching math to my children because of the imprinting of my own struggles. I have identified it and we are slowly making our way through math.

  45. I enjoy teaching math when my children “get it” from my explanation. With my children that think differently, it can be my least favorite part of teaching math. *sigh* We have been using CTC for about 2 years and absolutely love it — all of us.

  46. My daughter is dyslexic which can make math hard for her at times. I often wonder if a different explanation of a particular problem would help her understand better.

  47. Ugh! My littlest balks at every. single. new. math concept. That is our biggest struggle.

  48. Love teaching math. I love how much it applies to real life. The struggle is in the repetition and practice of basic figures. Sometimes I am not reeling creative and the kids get bored.

  49. I always dread teaching math because it is not a subject I’m comfortable with. I’m not strong in math myself.

  50. I enjoy teaching math with my favorite curriculum but I struggle when I have to use a different approach.

  51. I love it when my son (K) gets a new concept! So far we haven’t hit too many obstacles. But I know it’s only the beginning! Having another resource would be great!

  52. I love math, but it is difficult to teach the concepts to my kids.

  53. Dislike teaching the basics, want to get to the higher level and applications

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