Spring Fling Giveaway: Mom’s Tool Belt Planner!

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I know that planners are super popular with busy homeschool moms, so I know you will love Mom’s Tool Belt!  Have every kind of form for organization and planning that you will need for your household, PLUS seasonal cute designs to choose from as well!

Debra, mother of ten and owner of Mom’s Tool Belt, has generously offered a giveaway for you guys tonite!

  GIVEAWAY:  One lucky winner will win the Lifetime Membership to Mom’s Household Planner.

Giveaway details:

1 winner

Winner gets Lifetime Membership to Mom’s Household Planner.  ($24.95 value)

Giveaway is open through May 6, 2018


  1. Bible study time. My son doesn’t like to read much right now, so pen and paper and books is our best way to go.

  2. Right now it’s the character study. That is something we are really focusing on in our family at this time.

  3. Am really looking forward to getting into some of the History notebooking pages.

  4. I am fairly new to planners, but they are fascinating and I feel they could be very helpful if I can find the right one and put it into practice.

  5. Other than being interested in the planner, we really enjoyed the nature pages.

  6. We have just begun using note booking pages in our history studies and I would love to add them to our science and Bible memory work.

  7. We love the nature notebooking pages. It makes it fun and easy!

  8. I would probably benefit most from the LISTS section of the Planner. I love lists!

  9. Character development and how it applies to community.

  10. I just discovered their Science pages.. My 7 yr old is going to love love them!

  11. We love the nature pages. Seth loves spending his Saturdays at the state park exploring!

  12. I love the history and Bible pages!

  13. bible study

  14. Tool belt….for moms….can’t get better than that.

  15. Character study. A constant struggle!

  16. Oops, mistyped my email address in the previous comment and didn’t see until I clicked submit. Technology wins again!

  17. We’ve just recently used some of the nature & famous persons pages from Notebookingpages.com. Love that it is a quick resource to grab when I want an opportunity for my kids to record some of their learning. 🙂

  18. I could really use the household planner and the lists and the chores one. Yes I could use them all really.

  19. I’m definitely most interested in the nature studies!

  20. I like the famous people notebooking pages.

  21. THe homeschool planners – for the students. I’m wanting to start transitioning my oldest into planning and recording keeping in the next couple of years.

  22. I like the nature notebooking pages.

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