The Most Affordable Math Program I Know Of!

I’ve been homeschooling my six children for most of the past 18 years, so it would be fair to say that we have used quite a few different math programs.  With so many different issues and needs for each child and circumstance over the years, it’s only natural that one size hasn’t fit all.

For several years now we have been hearing about CTC Math, and a few months ago I decided to give it a try.  The first thing that I was impressed by was the scope and the price.  CTC offers math for Kindergarten through Trigonometry, at an extremely reasonable price.  You can pay monthly, every 6 months, or for a year.  There are even family plans where ALL of your children can access CTC Math on their own accounts, at a cost much less than buying individual levels of other math programs for multiple children.

CTC math features videos that teach the students their lesson, and then all of the questions can be answered right on the website.  A major advantage for us was that we were able to get our Kindles set up to access CTC Math, so now we aren’t all competing for the computer.  Awesome!  CTC will also work on your ipads as well as on the computer.


You can play a demo and watch a sample lesson here.


Diagnostic tests at the start  of each unit help you and your child determine if they need to do that section or if they can safely bypass it and go on to the next.  This was helpful for us, coming from a different math program.  Since each math program seems to have its own order of doing things, it isn’t always straightforward to find where your child fits when switching to a different curricula.  The diagnostic tests helped us avoid “gaps” AND repetition of concepts already mastered.


CTC 3d objectsMy son that has been using CTC math really likes the videos and the teacher.  We have used some other video-based teaching programs before, but this one seems to make the most sense to him, and the teaching style is pleasant and engaging.  He’s able to work through several lessons each day during his math time, and he seems happy doing so.  The program corrects his work as he goes, so he’s able to work through anything he missed and see solutions if something went wrong.


One fun aspect of the program is that periodically my son reaches milestones in the program and we get an email congratulating him and telling him about his accomplishment.  It’s fun!  And each week I get a summary of the work that’s been done and what grades he has earned, so if I haven’t been paying super close attention, that’s my opportunity to get back on track and know what’s been happening with his math.


CTC math graphSome of my other children are still finishing up other math programs before jumping into CTC, but we’ve found that sometimes when they feel stuck on a concept, we can pop over to CTC Math and look up the topic they are struggling with and let them watch that video.  Often this does the trick for helping them understand the concepts in a new way, and they can move forward.  So, CTC Math seems great as a tutoring option as well!




CTC Math is currently offering an awesome deal for homeschool families.  You can get 60% off PLUS 3 additional months added on as a FREE BONUS!  This 15 month deal costs less than what I paid *per child* for our last math program, and this covers ALL of the kids in your household at ALL levels!!!


Disclosure:  CTC sponsored this post, but I paid for our CTC Math membership myself.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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