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Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on this day in 1826


Did you know that 50 years, to the day!, after signing The Declaration of Independence, two of the USA’s Founding Fathers died within a few hours of each other?  This is a moving story, and you can read more about it here.


Doing the research for our U.S. Presidents collections was very moving for me.  Of course I was familiar with the names and some things about each of our early presidents, but I had never learned so much about the vision, character, and steadfastness of these men who served our county in the early years until I got to do this research and track down these resources myself.  True, they were not perfect men, and I’m sure they had many flaws that we could all discuss.  However, just as is true of many heroes throughout the ages, flawed people can also usher forth great things.  What an encouragement for you and me!


If you haven’t yet shared any of our U.S. Presidents resources with your children, I want to encourage you to do so.  You can enjoy the entire George Washington resource here, and you can download a free sample of our Quotes from U.S. Presidents penmanship and copywork book here.


You will love what George Washington had to say about his mother

George Washington about mother

Click this pic for a downloadable, printable version of this graphic!


Isn’t that just beautiful?  And, homeschool moms:  in the years to come your kids are going to appreciate all the good that they are receiving from you, too!


I love this quote (and find it so encouraging) that I also selected it to be a part of our Quotes from U.S. Presidents Penmanship and Copywork ebook.  You can get a free sample of it, which features this quote, when you go to this page here.  It’s totally free to download and print out and use with your kiddos.  Feel free to share with your homeschooling friends too!  (and why not work in some Mom Appreciation straight from a Founding Father into the school day, right?!)



Happy Birthday Johannes Brahms!

brahms birthday


Today we are celebrating the birth of Johannes Brahms with a sale on our Romantic Era Composer Study resources!  You and your children will love enriching your life with composer study, whether you simply listen to some streaming music and watch a few videos every now and then, or if you spend a little more time getting into it in a bigger way.  Both will bring more beauty and artistry into your lives!  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be great!


This is a one day sale, so it’s happening May 7 only!  You can use coupon code BRAHMS on Romantic Era Composers set A and B.


Enjoy Brahms’ peppy and playful Hungarian Dance no. 5! Great for a little dancing around the kitchen with the kids, plus you get some beautiful views of the instruments being played.

Musical Monday: Music from Ancient Mesopotamia

Earlier this month I shared with you a video I came across of ancient Sumerian music.  This time I’ve got some really beautiful ancient Mesopotamian music for you!

From what I’ve read, this is considered by some people, at least, to be the oldest song we know of!  It is called Hurrian Hymn No. 6 which was being enjoyed by folks way back in 1400 BC!  This is really well-done and sounds just beautiful. The instrument being played is a lyre, which I know a lot of you are seeing mentioned in your ancient history studies!  Now you and your kiddos can know what it sounds like. 🙂

Musical Monday: Music from Ancient Sumer

gather round


I came across this cool music!

Apparently clay tablets exist from the 14th century BC that not only have cuneiform, but also a version of sheet music!  While this certainly doesn’t apply music theory like we are accustomed to, we can get a glimpse into what this ancient hymn sounds like.  Of course the ancient Sumerians didn’t have a midi keyboard to play their tunes on, but this is pretty cool nonetheless.  Check it out:

Happy Birthday Pierre-Auguste Renoir!


Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French impressionist painter in the 1800s and early 1900s. You can watch this engaging video that tells more about his life. (*Parents, please note that there is some mild nudity at 3:42-3:49)

You can help yourself to this free printable quote graphic too!

Renoir quote