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By now you probably all know that I’m an enthusiastic sponsor, parent, and affiliate when it comes to Notebooking Pages. 🙂 Today kicks off their big 10th Birthday Sale, and I do NOT want you to miss it! This is the very best price I’ve seen for this awesome resource that will serve your family well from K-12. I’m sweetening the deal by offering a FREE COLLECTION from Enrichment Studies to all of you that purchase through my link here. Simply forward your email receipt to Erica@EnrichmentStudies.com and tell me what collection you want, and I’ll set it up for you! This sale is only for 3 days, so don’t miss it.

Now through Friday, April 29th:
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The Notebooking Pages LIFETIME Membership collection
makes notebooking SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, and DO-ABLE while keeping busywork, boredom, and burnout at bay.

Membership Features and Benefits

  • You have unlimited access to the complete notebooking pages collection. … There is NO hurry to download everything. You never lose access! Use your pages with your children AND grandchildren.
  • You receive 1000s of topical pages and designs. … Your children can always find just the right notebooking page to complement their study, creative style, or mood that day.
  • You receive notebooking pages designed to work with any size family. …Notebooking Pages publisher, Debra Reed, has 10 children with various biological backgrounds, traits, learning strengths and weaknesses. She designs pages with them in mind! Without a doubt, these will work for a WIDE variety of children.
  • You receive pages with varying amounts and types of line styles/widths. …You can use them with your very young AND mature writers K-12.
  • And probably the BEST feature and benefit …
    You receive ALL current PLUS all FUTURE notebooking pages.
    Your membership grows with value, options, & topics every year!

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