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My family has had the pleasure of using CTCMath, and I know so many homeschool families love it too.  Why?

  • A dramatic lift in their child’s confidence and attitude.
  • Lessons are short and to the point
  • Kids learn at their own speed. In the video tutorials
    they can stop and rewind the teacher as many times as they need to until they get it.
  • Plus the teacher never gets annoyed or frustrated with them. (Sanity saver for mom!)
  • Improved math results using multi-sensory methods which ensure retention.
  • Detailed progress reports.
  • And a whole lot less stress when it’s math time for both parents AND kids.
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CTCMath is an online Math curriculum for all grades, and I love how economical it is for homeschool families!  One price for all of your kids makes it SO affordable and easy to just keep going.

You can read my review of CTC math here.

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