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Isn’t the Build Your Bundle Sale AWESOME?!

I hope you’ve enjoyed shopping the sale and getting some wonderful budget-friendly deals for your homeschool at the Build Your Bundle Sale!  I’m Erica Johns, owner of Enrichment Studies, and I’m happy to meet you.  🙂  As a mother of six and homeschool veteran for 20 years, I know what a blessing these bargains can be, which is why I participate as a contributor and affiliate every year.  Here at Enrichment Studies I aim to help infuse your home with more beauty, joy, art, and love, in a very budget-friendly and mom-friendly way!  Feel free to sign up on the right for our current freebie.  Not only will you get one of our products for free right now, but an additional subscriber freebie every month that you remain a member!

This is the page to get your Fine Arts Bundle items!  Simply add all four of these items into your cart, and then enter your special coupon code that you received from the BYB on the bottom left of the shopping cart page (see image below).  All four items will then be free.  Follow the free checkout, and then access all items from your Member Dashboard.

Renaissance Artist study:Add To Cart

Fine Art Pages that coordinate with the Renaissance Artist study:Add To Cart

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