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PeriscopeI love having opportunities to connect with my friends at Enrichment Studies and with other homeschool moms. Periscope is gaining much popularity within the homeschool mom community, and I am spending time there each week to meet up with you!


To get started, you just need a smart phone and the free Periscope app. If you’ve got a Twitter account, link your Periscope account to it quite easily. (If you don’t have twitter, follow the instructions on the app.)

Next, come follow me! I’m @enrichmenthome on Periscope, so use the search function to find me under that name, or Erica Johns at Enrichment Studies. 🙂 You can opt to get notifications on your phone when anybody that you follow goes live, if you want to. If you miss a scope, you can find the replay on your periscope app for 24 hours after it is broadcast, and after that you can see my replays here.

Read more here to understand how to watch a scope!

I’m currently doing two regularly scheduled scopes per week, with others as I have time and inspiration to pop on.

Tuesdays at noon Eastern time I talk about art.  I’m currently doing a series called Home is Where the Art Is.

Wednesdays at 3:30pm Eastern time I discuss homeschool and parenting topics.

Home is Where the Art Is

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