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Music by Birds

Music Inspired by Birds
You may have seen this video about music inspired by birds going around facebook. I like this video even better because we get to learn more about the inspiration for this music, and see it performed by an orchestra!

I love it when we can learn about things that help us see the world around us in new ways. Don’t you?

Watch the Art of Candle Carving

the art of candle carving

Here’s an interesting and beautiful form of art that you may not be familiar with: Candle Carving!
This video is under 5 minutes long and does a great job of explaining the process and method of this art form. You can also see a bunch of beautiful carved candles here.

The Lego Story: So Inspirational!

Watch the amazing Lego Story!
I don’t know anybody that doesn’t appreciate the awesomeness of Lego. This video tells the inspirational story of the Lego company. This movie is so well-done, and demonstrates so many positive character traits, business-mindedness, problem-solving, family loyalty, and more.  You will be glad you shared this with your kiddos!

And Bravo to the Lego Story team for having a great sense of humor, too. Check this out:


You’ve Never Seen Books Like This!

Cool book domino chain video!
If you love books and libraries, you will love this and so will your kids!

Warning: If you show this to your children, they will probably start trying to make domino chains with all the books in your house. So…..share at your own risk. lol