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One of the challenges to incorporating more fine arts in our lives can be our preconceived notions about whether or not we’ll like something. We have them. Our kids have them. I’m sure you’ve experienced it.  “I don’t want to go to the ballet.  It sounds boring!”  “Opera?  Ew.  No thanks!”  “An art show opening?  Snooze.  No way.”  But a lot of times if we can experience the arts in their natural habitat, we discover that we like these things quite a lot.

A terrific way to get your kids on board and open to new forms of art is by taking advantage of local opportunities to see their peers performing!

Recently I got to take all four of my teenage boys to see one of their friends performing in a voice recital. She is an amazing 18 year old opera singer, and despite the fact that all of my boys would have said an emphatic “No Thank You!” to opera before, they loved this concert and now are proud to say that they do actually like opera and thought it was pretty awesome!

In this facebook live chat, my son Isaac and I talk about this experience, and how watching our friends or kids close to our age can be a great way to get exposure to different art forms, and discover that we do actually have an appreciation for it!

There are tons of local opportunities to take in low or no-cost arts through recitals, art shows, and more. Here are just a few ideas for places to start finding these events:

voice teachers:  probably have recitals at least twice a year

piano teachers:  probably have recitals twice a year

dance teachers: probably have recitals twice a year

Suzuki method or other instrument lesson instructors

local schools choral, band, and orchestra concerts

local colleges and universities:  year-round art shows and special musical performances by students and faculty, as well as special guests

community arts centers:  typically offer art shows, sometimes featuring local students, performance art, and more

Want to watch Lydia’s concert? Here it is: