Art Appreciation featuring Fine Art Pages

  You want to introduce your children to fine art, but lack the time and method for follow-through, right?  Fine Art Pages are the answer!  These downloadable, printable collections feature one piece of art per page, plus *just enough* information about the piece and the artist.  The method is organic:  print ’em out, put ’em up.  Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy!  It works.  And best of all:  it doesn’t run on Mom Power! Would you like to see a sample?  Click here!

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Vermeer Fine Art Pages: $5.00

Dive into the beautiful work of Dutch Golden Age master painter Johannes Vermeer! This Fine Art Pages collection features 10 printable works of art including some of his most famous works.

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Thank you, Erica! I love these fine art pages, and I love the bit of history you let us in on!


John Constable Fine Art Pages: $5.00

This PDF collection features 10 printable works of art from Romantic Era painter John Constable.  Best-known for his beautiful landscapes, Constable’s work is inspiring and beckons us to experience the beauty all around us!

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“Thank you! These paintings and quotes are awesome!

Feeling enriched already…and I haven’t even shown them to the kids yet.

Thanks for all you do!


Ballet Fine Art Pages: $9.95

Ballet has been an enduring and beloved subject matter in the world of art, and in this collection we explore several different artists and their depiction of the art of ballet. Get to know works from Degas, Renoir, Macke, Repin, Manet, Metcalf, and Somov. You’ll also receive our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”  Twenty printable works of art included in this downloadable PDF.



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E. A. Hornel Fine Art Pages: $5.00

Enjoy 10 printable works of art by Scottish artist E. A. Hornel, featuring girls from Japan, Burma, Sri Lanka, and more!



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Berthe Morisot Fine Art Pages: $7.00

Enjoy 14 beautiful pieces of printable art by famous female Impressionist, Berthe Morisot! 




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The Beauty of Spring Fine Art Pages: $6.00

The Beauty of Spring Fine Art PagesEnjoy 12 pieces of beautiful printable art depicting the beauty of spring!

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The Joy of Motherhood Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Joy of Motherhood Be encouraged and inspired as a mother with this beautiful collection of printable art!  Includes eight different works.

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Mary Cassatt Fine Art Pages: $10.00

Mary Cassatt Fine Art PagesAmerican Impressionist Mary Cassatt’s art continues to be beloved throughout the world!  Enjoy 20 beautiful printable pieces of her art.  We have selected a nice variety of her works and styles for you to study.  


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A Father's Love Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Enjoy 7 printable works of art that depict the love between a father and his children. 



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John James Audubon Fine Art Pages: $5.50

America’s foremost ornithologist, naturalist, and painter is featured here with 10 printable works of his art.  Combine your love of art and nature study with this collection!

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Paul Revere Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Paul Revere was an American Patriot living in Boston during the American Revolution.  Known for his great skills as a silversmith, he was also an accomplished engraver.  In this collection you will enjoy 8 printable pieces of his work, which includes political subjects and current events, animals and nature study, and more.



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Good morning — just had a story to share. I have a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old and am homeschooling. I ordered a bunch of Fine Art pages about a year ago and did what you suggested — laminated them and hung a few in our two bathrooms each week. We usually talk about the art when I change the pictures, but nothing extensive. For such young ones, mainly I have been going for exposure.

Well, both girls became very excited when we saw two Matisse prints hanging in our local public library. (Fine Arts pages by Matisse happen to be hanging in the upstairs bathroom right now.) I reminded the girls that the artist was Matisse. And then my 4-year old (who is always interested in the titles of the paintings) said to me, “I know what that painting there is called,” and she paused. “Dessert: Harmony in Red,” she said correctly. The library security guard standing nearby nearly fell over, she was so surprised. 🙂

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you for helping expose my family to Fine Arts — you have truly enriched our lives, and it’s making a difference in our learning.



Thank you so much for this – my son loves these fine art pages, and we’re both learning so much from them. You are a blessing!!!


Celebrating Blacks in Art Fine Art Pages: $14.95

At first glance, it can easily seem that the arts has solely been the domain of white men, for white men, until the last hundred or fewer years.  Thankfully, there is plenty of diversity within the history of the arts, if we are willing to seek it out.

This collection includes 30 printable works of art featuring people of color, from a wide range of artists, from the 1400s to the 1800s.  You’ll learn about prominent men and women that were active in the arts world and their communities, and enjoy a glimpse into various cultures and time periods that is interesting and diverse.

You will also receive our ebook How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home, which will quickly give you an excellent understanding of how to most easily put these gems to work for the greatest impact and enjoyment for your family.


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Henry Ossawa Tanner Fine Art Pages: $9.95

Henry Ossawa Tanner was the first African-American painter to achieve international acclaim, and his works continue to be a source of beauty and inspiration today.

In this collection you’ll receive over 20 printable works of art that show a wide range of Tanner’s style and subject matter, including family life, religious themes, landscapes, and more.

You will also receive our ebook How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home, which will quickly give you an excellent understanding of how to most easily put these gems to work for the greatest impact and enjoyment for your family.

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Horace Pippin Fine Art Pages: $14.95

Horace Pippin was a self-taught African-American artist who took up painting as a form of physical therapy after a debilitating injury sustained in World War I. His paintings feature the everyday life of the people he knew well, religious themes, historical themes, and sometimes social commentary on racism. Pippin’s work went on to become world renowned.

This collection features 30 printable works of his art.

Also included with your purchase is a copy of How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home, to help you get started simply and easily.

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Charles Burton Barber Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Charles Burton BarberEnjoy 6 pieces of beautiful printable art by Charles Burton Barber!  These delightful images of children with their beloved pets are really heartwarming.

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Peter Paul Rubens Fine Art Pages: $9.00

Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish Baroque painter in the 1600s.  I just love his work, both because of the wide range of subject matter and styles that he did so well, but also because of the beauty and warmth that come through so many of his works, particularly those featuring his family.  So often old time portraits can seem stoic and severe, and to me Rubens shares devotion and chemistry in relationships that seem very much in tune with a way people of the 21st century can appreciate!

Enjoy 19 printable works of art in this collection, ranging from Biblical themes, ancient Greece, royalty and wealth, genre works, and many beautiful portraits featuring his family.  You will love this collection!

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Camille Pissarro Fine Art Pages: $5.00

Camille Pissarro Fine Art PagesCamille Pissarro was a Danish-French painter whose work was especially important in the Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist movements.  In this collection you can enjoy a nice variety of his styles and subject matter, as well as our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”  Ten printable works of art included in this downloadable PDF.




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John Singer Sargent Fine Art Pages: $10.00

American Artist John Singer Sargent was considered to be the foremost portraitist of his time. His childhood was spend traveling Europe with his family. He was known as a rambunctious boy that didn’t have much interest in schoolwork. His mother was apparently an Edwardian-era unschooler! She believed that their lifestyle of travel and visiting museums and churches would naturally provide an adequate education for her son. Pretty cool, huh?

Introduce your children to twenty of his beautiful and interesting works of art with this collection that makes art appreciation easy and organic.

Each purchase of Fine Art Pages includes our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”



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Grant Wood Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Grant Wood Fine Art PagesIconic 20th century American painter Grant Wood is best known for his painting American Gothic. Introduce your children to this famous work, as well as other depression-era Americana with this collection of 9 printable works of art.

Each purchase of Fine Art Pages includes our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”



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NEW! Cowboys & Indians Fine Art Pages: $14.95

Cowboys & IndiansIf your children are inspired by the action and adventure of the Wild West, they will love this new Fine Art Pages collection! You’ll enjoy 30 pieces of printable art that are going to delight your entire family, while providing stealth art appreciation–without adding anything onto Mom’s already very full schedule. 

Charles M. Russell was a Montana cowboy that had a deep reverence for the lifestyle of the West, and for the Native Americans that shared the land. He specialized in cowboy and Indian art, creating over 4,000 works during his lifetime. We have chosen 20 of his paintings for this collection.

Frederic Remington was a prolific artist, creating over 2,000 paintings, illustrations, and sculptures during the late 1800s and early 1900s. He specialized in cowboy and Indian subject matter, as well as U.S. Cavalry. Ten of his works are included in this collection.

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James McNeill Whistler Fine Art Pages: $5.00

James McNeill WhistlerJames McNeill Whistler was an artist during the Guilded Age in the late 1800s. Though born to American parents, he was primarily based in the UK. He is known for being a big believer in “art for art’s sake,” and he commonly drew parallels between music and his art, often calling his works “harmonies, “arrangements,” “symphonies,” or “nocturnes.”  

This collection includes 10 printable pieces of his beautiful and interesting art.


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Winslow Homer Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Winslow Homer Fine Art PagesEnjoy 8 beautiful works of art by artist Winslow Homer.



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Fine Art Pages Collection 1: $14.95

FAP 1 graphicIncludes 21 printable works of art to help you easily introduce a variety of fine art to your family:

  • Mona Lisa (da Vinci),
  • Starry Night (van Gogh),
  • A Sunday on La Grande Jatte (Seurat),
  • The Scream (Munch),
  • Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio),
  • Apple and Oranges (Cezanne),
  • The Great Wave (Hokusai),
  • Surprised! (Rousseau),
  • The Maids of Honor (Velazquez),
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring (Vermeer),
  • The Kiss (Klimt),
  • Hunter in the Snow (Brueghel),
  • The Fighting Temeraire (Turner),
  • Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (Renoir),
  • The Water Lily Pond (Monet),
  • Self Portrait (Rembrandt),
  • The Arnolfini Portrait (Van Eyck),
  • A Bar at the Floies-Bergere (Manet),
  • Dancers in Blue (Degas),
  • Nafea Faaipoipo (Gauguin),
  • Ophelia (Millais)

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Fine Art Pages Collection 2: $14.95

FAP 2 graphic Includes 19 printable works of art to help you easily introduce a variety of fine art to your family:

  • Narcissus (Caravaggio),
  • A Young Girl Reading (Fragonard),
  • The Veiled Woman (Raphael),
  • Bedroom in Arles (van Gogh),
  • Girl With a Watering Can (Renoir),
  • The Jockey (Toulouse-Lautrec),
  • Electric Prisms (Delaunay),
  • An Orchard in Spring (Monet),
  • The Hunt (Monet),
  • One of the Family (Cotman),
  • Children’s Games (Bruegel),
  • The Soul of the Rose (Waterhouse),
  • The Bitter Drink (Brouwer),
  • Woman Meditating (von Jawlensky),
  • The Rainbow Landscape (Rubens),
  • Census at Bethlehem (Bruegel),
  • Field Under Thunderclouds (van Gogh),
  • Tahitian Landscape (Gauguin),
  • Haymaking (Bruegel)

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Fine Art Pages that Coordinate with Renaissance Artists: $14.95

Ren FAP graphicThis collection of Fine Art Pages coordinates with our Renaissance Artists collection.  

Whether you want to enhance your study of those artists or just enjoy the works around your home, you’ll enjoy this collection.   Includes over 33 printable works.

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Fine Art Pages that Coordinate with Great Artists (Set A): $14.95

Great Art set A FAP graphicThis collection of Fine Art Pages coordinates with our Great Artists (Set A) collection.   Includes 2-3 works per artist.   Includes el Greco, Rembrandt, de Hooch, Ruisdael, Delacroix, Manet, Degas, and Cezanne.

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Fine Art Pages that Coordinate with Great Artists (Set B): $14.95

Great Artists Set B FAP graphic brandedThis collection of Fine Art Pages coordinates with our Great Artists (Set B) collection.  Includes 2-4 works per artist.   Includes Monet, Renoir, Gauguin, van Gogh, Seurat, Matisse, and Picasso.  (Unfortunately we are unable to include Dali because his works are not in the public domain)

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Great Works of Art (other than paintings): $14.95

Great Works graphic new  We had a request for a collection that showcases major works of art that are *not* paintings, to better feature a wider variety of art mediums. This collection features 14 beautiful and famous works that do just that.  Due to the fact that so many of them are too large to show in just one picture, and because of the rich historical context, you get the printable Fine Art Pages format for each item, PLUS access to a collection of videos to help you learn more about each item.   Enjoy sharing sculpture, architecture, tapestries, and more with your children!

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Thanksgiving Fine Art Pages: $5.00

This beautiful collection features 10 pieces of printable art related to Thanksgiving. Several are historical, some are more related to the harvest time of year or the traditional Thanksgiving feast. All are lovely!

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Christmas Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Christmas Fine Art PagesThis beautiful collection of printable art includes 5 nativity-type works of art, and 2 family scene works of art. Perfect for enhancing the Christmas atmosphere around your home!

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Currier & Ives: Winter Fine Art Pages: $6.00

Currier and Ives Fine Art Home Study Currier & Ives have some of the most beloved lithograph art in American history! You will be delighted to print out these 12 pieces and display them around your home. Each one features a winter scene, some exciting, some fun, some thrilling, and some beautiful.

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Winter Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Winter Fine Art Home Study  In this collection you get 9 different pieces of printable art that depict the winter season. This collection has a lot of landscape material, but usually with people and animals in the piece as well.

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Visions of Love Fine Art Pages: $4.00

Visions of Love Fine Art PagesEnjoy 7 beautiful and varied depictions of love in this Fine Art Pages collection.  

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Easter Fine Art Pages: $7.00

Easter Fine Art PagesThis PDF collection features 14 printable works of art that depict the Biblical Easter season, from the last supper to the resurrection of Jesus Christ!  Each page includes scripture that coordinates with the work of art.  Many different artists and time periods are included in this collection, adding to the historical interest of how different eras and styles were represented. We also have a free Easter Hymns resource for you here.

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BRILLIANT, Erica! I can’t wait to use these. I just purchased the poetry collection and the Holiday bundle…it is wonderful! We are working on the turkey portrait now…thank you so much for these! Leave it to a homeschooling mama to come up with a resource that lightens other mama’s loads. Thank you and many blessings to you and yours, ~Kelly

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