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“Thank you! We started with the saxophone videos this morning and soon had an orchestra of straws (I have 4 kids)”


Theodor Kittelsen Trolls and Fairy Tales
“You are my favorite homeschool vendor/consultant. Thank you for the encouragement you give, and the easy to implement curriculum.   I feel like you understand me!”


Thank you! You truly are amazing! You have amazing ideas and can I just say your products are one of the few that I purchase and end up actually using because you make it so easy to implement. I have such grand goals for so many homeschooling products I purchase but they end up getting forgotten in my computer or collecting dust on my bookshelves. I can honestly say what you provide definitely gets used. I love it!
Thank you,

Art is for Everyone: Representation Matters

“My husband and I are impressed with your women artists collection. My husband was an art major and does not recall ever learning about early women artists throughout his years of art history courses. We are thrilled that our daughter will learn through this collection that women have been pursuing their artistic talents and passions for centuries. Thank you for this!”

“I wanted to thank you personally for allowing me to NOT miss out on the opportunity to involve my littles (aged 3 to 10) to the world of art and music and it’s heart-opening benefits.  We can see the beauty of God’s creation and his amazing character in so many ways through them.”

Joyful, Effortless Art Appreciation

Our art appreciation products feature Fine Art Pages:  printable art that provides a natural, organic way to enjoy and become familiar with art, without taking up your planning or teaching time!  The concept is simple:  Print ’em out, put ’em up, watch the magic happen as your whole family responds!  Fine Art Pages are extremely popular with homeschool families, art educators, classroom teachers, grandparents, and childcare providers!

I am nearing the end of our homeschool journey (about a year and a half till we’re finished) and I’m burning out a little, too tired to do all the research and sorting and planning! I am tremendously sad to be coming to the end but I have worked hard over the years and your site is a relief to me! I am glad I can add some art, music and poetry (all so important) without the added stress and planning on my part.  I don’t think I could/would do it otherwise!


Thanks for all you do! My wife and I both work, so we do “supplemental schooling” (rather than homeschooling). Your materials are great to work with. 


” I work with children with special needs.  I have a little one who is very involved with autism.  I noticed one day he was drawn to the Starry Starry Night Photo on my room.  I shared it with his mother and she took him to the Chicago Art Museum.  He LOVED it.  I use your materials to help him to engage in our class works.  Thank you for sharing so much with teachers.  

You are AMAZING!  My students LOVE your materials.”


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful products and services you offer. I have found your art pages and resources such a blessing, and the Sound Bites program is wonderful. My son (almost 12) always liked classical music, and this has given him a much greater appreciation for it. It is so convenient to have everything already coordinated. The printed art pages are also so nice and save me so much on cardstock and ink!

Thank you again for your services and the time you put into these.”

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Hi! I just wanted to Thank You-Thank You- Thank You!! for the lovely free gift within this email. These are *gorgeous* and I’m so in love with such beauty!