Finally!  Fine Art Pages that are printed and shipped to you!

You and I both know that Fine Art Pages provide the easiest organic art appreciation program around.  But if you never get them printed out, what good are they?  I’ve been pondering this for quite some time, wondering how I could help you have high-quality, done-for-you prints at a terrific price, and finally I have a solution!

For a limited time you can get a big, beautiful assortment of Fine Art Pages in one super-discounted, economical bundle, printed beautifully and delivered to your door!

Right now you have opportunity to order the Fine Art Pages that coordinate with our Daily Art programs. This is for people that do not want to enroll in Daily Art at this time, or for those that want an extra set of prints. (Want to enroll in Daily Art? Click here)

Each print is on 8.5″x11″ cardstock, printed in color, with the art and information included on the front of the page. If you’ve ever gotten one of our Fine Art Pages sets before, this is the same basic format as all the others we offer.

There are four sets to choose from:
Renaissance (58 pieces of art) (Orders now CLOSED)

Baroque & Dutch Golden Age (56 pieces of art) (Orders now CLOSED)

Rococo (52 pieces of art) (Orders now CLOSED)

Neoclassical (39 pieces of art) Orders now CLOSED


“I got my Fine Art Pages today and ooooh boy! They are soooo beautiful, my granddaughter and I are so excited to add them to our daily routine.

be blessed,

Refund policy:
The printer we use offers extremely economical prints to us, with the understanding that these are NOT archival-quality prints like you’d pay big bucks for in a museum store.  We have chosen this printer because they have great service and offer a price point that is affordable for most homeschool families.  We do our best to inspect our printed Fine Art Pages before offering them to you, and feel that overall the prints are well-done and will achieve the desired outcome of sharing great art with our children and helping them become familiar with these works. Therefore, there are no refunds on these orders.  If you happen to receive an order that has actually become damaged in transit, please let us know and we can help you.