Enrichment Studies - Fine Arts for homeschool families


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Hi!  I’m Erica Johns, and these are my six awesome kids.  I started homeschooling them way back in 1997, and over all these years I’ve learned quite a bit about what gets done, what falls through the cracks, what never makes the cut into the budget, and what tools I need to make home education successful.  Studying composers and artists never seemed to get done like I imagined it would, mainly because of time, energy, and budget constraints.


In 2011 I figured out what I needed, but it didn’t exist, so I set about to create it.  Here we are all these years later, making it so easy and affordable for homeschool families to share music, art, poetry, and more with their children!

I treat you like I would want to be treated:  No funny business.  Real simple.

  • Pricing is affordable, transparent, with no hidden fees or tricky tactics.
  • Everything in your collection is accessible in your member area.  It’s easy to understand, easy to use, ready when you are.
  • We don’t let you forget what you bought or how to get back to it.  For most collections you’ll receive a monthly email (for the first year) reminding you of your available resource.  We want you to use them!
  • We treat our members right.  Members get special deals that others don’t.  Once you’re on the inside, we do our best to show you our appreciation. :)
  • This is a small business, run from my home office, in the midst of mothering, grandmothering, and living life.  I value your support and enthusiasm for what I do, and I am always happy to answer questions, hear your suggestions, and help fix any issues that may arise.


If you haven’t yet signed up for our current freebie, do that now. (sign up below) You’ll be able to get started today and see how easy it can be to include the arts in your home.