Enrichment Studies - Fine Arts for homeschool families

One of the easy ways to include art appreciation into your life is to combine it with other things you’re already doing. Language arts is a perfect go-together with art, simply because art can inspire so much language!

In this collection of products I hope you find enjoyable and natural ways to both nurture the love of art and the love of expressive language in your family.

Color with Kittelsen: $14.95

Color along with Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen! This collection of 29 black and white illustrations of animals, trolls, and other characters are perfect for adding your own splashes of color with colored pencils, watercolors, paint, or crayons. Includes our traditional Fine Art Pages format as well as full page version. You’ll also get our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”

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Theodor Kittelsen's Forest Friends: $14.95

Storytelling comes naturally when an author is inspired. In this collection of illustrations by Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen, your children will find endless combinations of tales waiting to be told, thanks to the delightful forest animals, insects, and adventurers within. This set includes both the art in single-paged format, as well as creative writing pages that offer each illustration as a visual prompt for your child to start crafting their own unique lore.

You’ll also receive our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home”  plus a full-page PDF version of the art.

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Theodor Kittelsen's Trolls and Fairy Tales: $14.95

Theodor Kittelsen Trolls and Fairy TalesYour children will be inspired by Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen’s Trolls and Fairy Tales! Enjoy 24 illustrations, featuring trolls, fairies, goblins, enchanting animals, and more, both in our classic Fine Art Pages format AND in a full page version. You’ll also receive a BONUS Creative Writing Pack that includes the art on story pages where your child can write their own tales!

You’ll also receive our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home”  plus a full-page PDF version of the art.

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Caption This: French Writers $5.00

Felix Vallotton was a Swiss-French artist in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Although he was an accomplished painter, what he is best known for is his work with modern woodcut art. When I saw his series of French writer portraits done in woodcut, I knew I had found a delightful treasure that I wanted to share with you. Each face shows so much character and interest, and I could immediately see how this could be a launching point for some really fun creative writing!


It took my teenagers about 3 seconds of looking at this art to start coming up with a steady stream of hilarious comments, quotes, and reactions to the French writers, so I trust your children will also find these a source of entertainment and inspiration! This is my favorite type of writing–where it’s so fun that the kids don’t even think of it as a school chore.

This PDF download includes 20 French writers plus several pages of speech bubbles, thought bubbles, text and tweet graphics, caption frames, and more!  This fun and easy Art+Language Arts activity will have your kids cracking up.

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“Enrichment Studies is one of my favorite parts of our homeschool day.”


Beatrix Potter Bundle: $18.00

Enjoy all of our Beatrix Potter products at one low price!  Regular retail when buying separately would be $20.95.  


  • Beatrix Potter Penmanship & Copywork Treasury
  • Beatrix Potter Popsicle Stick Puppets
  • Beatrix Potter Cootie Catcher

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Beatrix Potter Penmanship & Copywork Treasury: $14.95

The delightful tales of animal characters from Beatrix Potter’s timeless stories are not only enjoyable for children today, but are also language-rich with descriptions that inspire the imagination! This sweet collection of quotes (adorned with art!) from some of her books are meant to be used for practicing penmanship skills for print, cursive, or D’nealian manuscript styles, as well as to experience the benefits of copywork.  

Each printable page is adorned with a piece of Beatrix Potter art and a darling floral border that can be colored in to make each page extra special!  Make as many copies as you like for your own family. There are 79 pages of each penmanship type (print, cursive, and D’nealian manuscript).  247 pages total  PDF download

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Beatrix Potter Popsicle Stick Puppets: $4.00

Invite your children to create and interact with the lovely and language-rich works of Beatrix Potter with this delightful collection of characters!  Simply print out the character pages, cut out each image, and glue to a popsicle or craft stick.  Your children can hold these puppets while you read to them, and act out the scenes, or perhaps they will be inspired to create their own sweet tales!  Either way, the beauty of Beatrix Potter’s art, coupled with her sweet and engaging stories are sure to inspire your children (and you!).

These are also perfect for Easter baskets, party favors, or just to surprise and delight your children on an ordinary school day.  (Just imagine how excited they will be for you to read to them when they know they will get to use their puppets!)

We have included 18 characters from the following Beatrix Potter books:

  • The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  • The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
  • The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse
  • The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
  • The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies
  • The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • The Tale of Tom Kitten
  • The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

This product includes a downloadable PDF of 18 characters from Beatrix Potter stories.  The stories are not included.

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Beatrix Potter Cootie Catcher Game: $2.00

Infuse child’s play with art and language-rich literature with our fun Beatrix Potter Cootie Catcher! Simply print, cut, fold, and play. Tucked inside this cute little toy are sweet quotes from the books!  Delightful as a little surprise for your children, party favors, Easter baskets, or to share with a friend!

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I love the Beatrix Potter tales and I knew I had to have your bundle.  My girls are 16 and 13, and my son is 10, but I think they are not too old to listen to the stories as older children.  I have
them practice cursive writing so this copywork will be great for the spring.  I was so excited to see this new and exciting literature bundle!!!


Memory Match Game for Fine Art Pages Collection 1: $3.00

Take your art appreciation to another level with this classic Memory Match Game!  Using the art from Fine Art Pages Collection 1, this PDF download will make it easy for you to introduce or reinforce your art appreciation with your children in a fun way.  Includes playing instructions, variations, one set of cards with only the art and one set with titles, and a master list of artworks included.

This item is also included when you purchase the Fine Art Pages Collection 1 set. 

Just the Memory Match Game $3: 
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To get the Fine Art Pages Collection 1 set $14.95: 
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Let's Make a Meme: $5.00

As a longtime homeschooling mother of six, I love it when I can find ways to connect different subjects in a way that my kids also enjoy. When I came across this hilarious, surprising, and fun art by Joseph Ducreux, I knew I wanted to bring it to you in a way that both showcased the timeless sense of humor that it embodies, while also inviting you and your family to interact with it, so Let’s Make a Meme!

Simply print out the art, fun fonts, and accessory pages, and get to work! Let the kids cut out the letters, frames, and emojis, and have fun arranging them and gluing them into place. You’ve got a golden opportunity here to combine art appreciation and language arts in a way that’s current and engaging for your kids, and will have the whole family laughing and having fun!

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