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Camille Pissarro

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  You want to introduce your children to fine art, but lack the time and method for follow-through, right?  Fine Art Pages are the answer!  These downloadable, printable collections feature one piece of art per page, plus *just enough* information about the piece and the artist.  The method is organic:  print ’em out, put ’em up.  Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy!  It works.  And best of all:  it doesn’t run on Mom Power! Would you like to see a sample?  Click here!

Camille Pissarro Fine Art Pages: $5.00

Camille Pissarro Fine Art PagesCamille Pissarro was a Danish-French painter whose work was especially important in the Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist movements.  In this collection you can enjoy a nice variety of his styles and subject matter, as well as our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”  Ten printable works of art included in this downloadable PDF.

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Pissarro's Harvest Fine Art Pages: $8.00

If you have ever gardened, farmed, or enjoyed a trip to the apple orchard, you are probably familiar with the excitement and pleasure that comes from harvesting. All of that fresh food coming in from the fields, filling your home with delicious abundance and a feeling of readiness for the colder months to come. Ahhhh!

This is the feeling you’ll get from this beautiful collection of art from Danish-French painter Camille Pissarro. These 16 pieces of art feature images of harvest time life in the late 1800s, which is recent enough to feel relatable, but far enough away to truly be a glimpse into the past.

These scenes exude the community effort of harvest time, surrounded by a countryside richly dressed in fall colors and kissed by the gentle sunlight of fall.

So many of these scenes would be great jumping off points for creative writing, whether it be writing a story, or for finding or creating a coordinating poem or song. This collection is absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful addition to your at-home art gallery for the next few months.

Style: Impressionism, Pointillism
Time: late 1800s

You’ll receive the 16 piece PDF collection, the full page PDF version of the art, and our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home” to help you get started.

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@enrichment_studies You want to expose your kids to great art but don’t know how. Fine Art Pages make it easy! This is one of my main purposes at Enrichment Studies and I am eager to share it with you. Come get a free product and learn more. #Homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #howtohomeschool #charlottemason #arteducation #artappreciation ♬ Hiking – Elgafar

“My family is enjoying the prints that I have posted around the house in strategic places — fridge, breakfast nook, and over bathroom sink. Thank goodness for plastic sleeves! One of my son’s public school friends commented recently that he thought it was really cool that we have rotating art pictures posted around the house. :)”