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Art Appreciation featuring Fine Art Pages

  You want to introduce your children to fine art, but lack the time and method for follow-through, right?  Fine Art Pages are the answer!  These downloadable, printable collections feature one piece of art per page, plus *just enough* information about the piece and the artist.  The method is organic:  print ’em out, put ’em up.  Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy!  It works.  And best of all:  it doesn’t run on Mom Power! Would you like to see a sample?  Click here!

Daily Art: Renaissance

If you are studying the Renaissance, European history, or the Protestant Reformation this year, you will find that this is an excellent additional resource to enhance what you’re learning. Art provides the visual account of a time and place, and gives us imagery to hold onto as we learn and recall the past.

This 15-week program helps you and your children get to know some of the greatest artists and most famous art works of all time.

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If you only want to purchase the coordinating Fine Art Pages, you can click here to order. You’ll find them under Daily Art.

Women Artists of the Renaissance: Fine Art Pages $6.00

Women Artists of the Renaissance graphicExplore the works of accomplished and trail-blazing women artists that thrived during the Renaissance age in this collection of printable Fine Art Pages!   This collection includes a total of 13 works of art from these artists:  

  • Lavinia Fontana
  • Sofonisba Anguissola
  • Fede Galizia
  • Barbara Longhi

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Thank you so much for this – my son loves these fine art pages, and we’re both learning so much from them. You are a blessing!!!