Women Artists Throughout History

Since so many men have been prominent in the world of art, it would be easy to believe that women did not play a role in the historical art world.  Not so!  We are delighted to be able to feature prominent women artists from the Renaissance forward in these beautiful Fine Art Pages collections. Fine Art Pages offer the best in organic art appreciation!  You simply print ’em out and put ’em up.  Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy!  It works.  And best of all:  It doesn’t run on Mom Power! Want to see a sample?  Click here.

Women Artists of the Renaissance: Fine Art Pages $6.00

Women Artists of the Renaissance graphicExplore the works of accomplished and trail-blazing women artists that thrived during the Renaissance age in this collection of printable Fine Art Pages!   This collection includes a total of 13 works of art from these artists:  

  • Lavinia Fontana
  • Sofonisba Anguissola
  • Fede Galizia
  • Barbara Longhi


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Women Artists of the 17th Century: Fine Art Pages $14.95

Women of the 17th century FAP graphicThis collection features selected works from 9 prominent female artists of the 17th century.  27 printable pieces of art are included (3 per artist), plus short bios about each woman.  Artists include:

  • Artemisia Gentileschi 1593-1656 Baroque
  • Clara Peeters 1594-1657 Flemish still life artist
  • Giovanna Garzoni 1600-1670 Baroque
  • Judith Leyster 1609-1660 Dutch Golden Age
  • Josefa de Obidos 1630-1684 Baroque
  • Maria van Oosterwijck 1630-1693 Dutch Golden Age
  • Elisabetta Sirani 1638-1665 Baroque
  • Rachel Ruysch 1664-1750 Dutch Golden Age
  • Maria Sibylla Merian 1647-1717 Scientific Illustrator

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Women Artists of the 18th Century: Fine Art Pages $14.95

Women Artists 18th century graphic

Learn about 8 accomplished women artists from the 18th century in this beautiful collection! Enjoy 26 printable works of art to enjoy around your home. Not only will you be appreciating art, but getting a glimpse into the lifestyles, values, and culture of this time period.  This collection includes works by:

  • Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757)  Italian Rococo
  • Francoise Duparc (1726-1778)  Baroque
  • Angelica Kauffman (1741-1807)  Neoclassical
  • Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744-1818)  French painter
  • Adelaide Labille-Guiard (1749-1803)  Neoclassical, Rococo
  • Marguerite Gerard (1761-1837) French painter and etcher
  • Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768-1826)  Neoclassical
  • Constance Mayer (1775-1821)  French painter

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Women Artists of the 19th Century: Fine Art Pages $14.95

Women Artists 19th century

Enjoy 24 pieces of printable art by 7 different women artists of the 19th century.  This collection includes works by:

  • Ann Hall (1792-1863) American painter
  • Rolinda Sharples (1793-1838) English painter
  • Sarah Miriam Peale (1800-1885) American painter
  • Lilly Martin Spencer (1822-1902) American painter
  • Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823-1903) British artist
  • Emily Mary Osborn (1828-1925)  Victorian era
  • Eva Gonzales (1849-1883) French Impressionist

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Women Artists Bundle Pack: Get them all regularly for just $40! ON SALE $29

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.35.43 AMTo celebrate our Women Artists collections, we are offering them as a bundle pack for the discounted price of just $40!

    You’ll receive access to
    Women Artists of the Renaissance Fine Art Pages
    Women Artists of the 17th Century Fine Art Pages
    Women Artists of the 18th Century Fine Art Pages
    Women Artists of the 19th Century Fine Art Pages

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Mary Cassatt Fine Art Pages: $10.00

Mary Cassatt Fine Art PagesAmerican Impressionist Mary Cassatt’s art continues to be beloved throughout the world!  Enjoy 20 beautiful printable pieces of her art.  We have selected a nice variety of her works and styles for you to study.  


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Berthe Morisot Fine Art Pages: $7.00

Enjoy 14 beautiful pieces of printable art by famous female Impressionist, Berthe Morisot! This set includes the Fine Art Pages, full page versions of the art, and our handy guide: How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.




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Amrita Sher-Gil Fine Art Pages: $5.00

This PDF collection features 11 printable works of art from Hungarian-Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil.  Consider national treasures in India, these works of art are not even allowed out of the country, so this is your chance to get to become families with these works.

This set includes the Fine Art Pages, full page version, and our handy How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home guide to help you get started with this easy and effective method of art appreciation.

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Elizabeth Nourse Fine Art Pages $3.00

I’ve had the honor of getting to know the art of Elizabeth Nourse during my visits to the Cincinnati Art Museum, and I am thrilled to get to share 6 pieces of her work with you. This American artist often painted peasant women and children, in a peaceful and contemplative way. Collection includes the Fine Art Pages, full page versions, and our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”

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My husband and I are impressed with your women artists collection. My husband was an art major and does not recall ever learning about early women artists throughout his years of art history courses. We are thrilled that our daughter will learn through this collection that women have been pursuing their artistic talents and passions for centuries. Thank you for this!