Penmanship & Copywork

Quotes from U.S. Presidents is our new penmanship and copywork series! In these downloadable, printable ebooks your children will have lots of meaningful and interesting quotes to use while practicing their handwriting, copywork, or dictation.

Quotes from Presidents includes practice for print, cursive, and D’Nealian manuscript styles. This will be a great resource for your family since you’ll be able to print all the copies you ever need for all of your children, in all of their stages of handwriting! All of the pages are done in black and white and won’t take a lot of ink, so it’ll be simple and super cost-effective for your entire homeschool journey.

Want to see a sample?  Click here.

Quotes from U.S. Presidents 1-6: Penmanship and Copywork Practice: $14.95

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