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Spring Fling Giveaway: Two Day Biology or Chemistry Lab Intensive

Parents of high schoolers: Your worries are over!
Your kids can complete an entire year’s worth of Biology or Chemistry labs in an in-person 2-day intensive.  Phew!

College Prep Science is taught by homeschool dad and former college professor Greg Landry, and has been serving thousands of homeschool families for the past 10 years.  Being able to outsource your high school science courses and labs is a huge help for so many families, so I know you are going to be thrilled with this wonderful giveaway that College Prep Science is sponsoring.

Giveaway is over.  Winner is Teresa.

One winner will receive a Two Day Biology or Chemistry Lab Intensive at location of your choice
Value: $280

Appropriate for 7th/8th-12th grade

One winner will be chosen on May 23, 2019.
US Only (but please only enter if you can actually attend one of these in-person events). See bottom of this page for locations.
By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to allow your email address to be shared with College Prep Science so they can follow up with you by sharing more about their terrific programs.

Special Offer:

10% discount on two day lab intensives or online classes
Use discount promo code: C10 (expires 5-31-2019)


Spring Fling Giveaway: Live Online Science Class

High school lab sciences can be very intimidating for homeschool parents, but they don’t need to be! College Prep Science is ready to come to your aid.  Taught by homeschool dad and former college professor Greg Landry, these courses make high quality science available to your students in grades 6-12, no matter where you live!

College Prep Science has very generously offered to sponsor a giveaway worth $680! WOW!

Giveaway is over.  Winner is Diamond.

One winner will receive an enrollment in Live Online Science Classes for 6th -12th Grade Homeschooled Students. The winner will be able to choose from:

– College Prep Biology
– Life Prep Biology (for “non-science” students)
– College Prep Chemistry
– Life Prep Chemistry (for “non-science” students)
– College Prep Physics
– Life Prep Physics (for “non-science” students)
– Anatomy & Physiology

Or, choose two of these one semester classes..

– Embryology
– Forensic Science
– Pre-Physics
– Pre-Biology
– Pre-Anatomy & Physiology
– Pre-Chemistry

One winner will be chosen on May 23, 2019.

Giveaway is open internationally.

By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to share your email address with College Prep Science so they can follow up with you about their awesome programs.


Special Offer for everyone:

Enjoy a 10% discount on two day lab intensives or online classes
Use discount promo code: C10 (expires 5-31-2019)

Spring Fling Giveaway: Musik at Home

If you have ever been interested in at-home music classes for your young children, you will love Musik at Home!  These video lessons are lead by certified Musikgarten instructor Kathryn Brunner, and offer you a delightful array of classes that you can watch and participate in at your convenience.


Musik at Home includes family music classes for

  • Babies and Toddlers
  • Preschoolers
  • Kids ages 4-7
  • and for families with mixed ages of children!


These classes include

  • Over 400 musical activities
  • simple instrument playing
  • poems
  • listening
  • musical games
  • rhythm activities
  • interactive stories
  • chanting
  • and much more!

I have had so much fun checking out the class videos and think this is a delightful opportunity for parents and their young children.  I am delighted that Musik at Home is sponsoring a giveaway for us!

Giveaway is now closed.  Winner is

Enter to Win a one year membership from Musik at Home, LLC!  This is a $108 value.

With Musik at Home classes, you’ll give your child an outstanding start in musical development along with mind, heart and body development at home on your own schedule. With over 400 song activities, games, imaginative musical stories and more, your child will naturally develop a strong musical foundation while having fun with you! Classes prepare children to begin studying an instrument. Membership includes unlimited access to an entire library of video classes for ages 0-7 for a year.

One winner will be chosen on May 23, 2019.
Open internationally.


All entrants will also receive a 30-day free trial of  Musik at Home with unlimited access to their entire music education video library with classes for ages 0-7!

By entering this giveaway you are giving permission for your email address to be shared with Musik at Home so they can tell you more about their wonderful program and send you access to the free 30-day trial!


Spring Fling Giveaway: Growing in Wisdom Character Curriculum

This giveaway is sponsored by Character Concepts!  They have a great giveaway for one winner, and freebies for all of you!

Character Concepts grew out of the day-to-day life of Rick and Marilyn Boyer. The Boyer’s wanted their fourteen children to have fun-to-use, Bible-based character training materials but couldn’t find an organized character curriculum. So they designed fun projects to teach character lessons from Scripture. As time went on, they began to combine their ideas into an age-appropriate curriculum so that other parents could have the benefit of their experience. Now, the Character Concepts Curriculum and the Boyer’s large selection of parenting and home schooling books and recordings give parents the hands-on tools to train up “kids of character!”

Giveaway is now closed.  Winner is Melody

One winner will receive the Growing in Wisdom Character Curriculum – a Bible-based character curriculum for use with kids aged approximately 8-14. It teaches 32 negative behaviors and their corresponding positive behavior from Scripture. It helps kids to learn to make wise decisions using God’s Word as their guide. Deals with topics such as lying, unkindness, whining, ungratefulness etc. Value $45. Included in curriculum are:

1. Growing in Wisdom Bible study book- In this Bible-based study, your child will learn 32 types of negative behavior and their Biblical consequences. Through insights learned from God`s Word, your child will be guided in making an intentional decision to choose positive, godly character in their day to day life. God has the answer for turning our negative natural tendencies into choices which reflect the character of Jesus Christ.

2. Growing in Wisdom Flashcards is a set of 32 flashcards to be used in coordination with Growing in Wisdom Character Studies. 32 flashcards are provided to help children learn the positive quality which is the opposite of the negative trait demonstrated. On the back side of the card is the Scripture verse which addresses the problem with it`s reference and also an insight to be gleaned from Scripture directed at helping your child to make a wise practical decision.

3. Uncle Rick in his 3 hour Growing in Wisdom CD set, reads Scripture selections studied in the curriculum and comments on them, encouraging your student to learn to make the wise choice in everyday life as they face challenging situations. He teaches lessons in boldness, cheerfulness, diligence, truthfulness, discretion, and other important character qualities to reinforce lessons learned in the workbook. Let Uncle Rick help you raise sons and daughters who will make an intentional choice to do the right thing.


One winner will be chosen on May 23, 2019.
US Addresses only.

By entering this giveaway you give permission for your email to be shared with Character Concepts.  They have some lovely freebies and encouraging resources to share with you!  See details below.


Freebies for all entrants:

As a thank you for entering the giveaway, you’ll also receive some special free resources from Character Concepts, including

Consequence Chart PDF– This is a sample of the Consequence Chart we created to help our children make wise decisions in those everyday situations of life that occur and can be quite an irritation when you do. This is not comprehensive, but a sample of what we used with the things our kids were struggling with at the time.

“Getting it All Done” Audio:  Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the demands of parenting? Life is certainly a challenge for parents, and especially those who accept the added responsibility of home education. But there are ways to make life easier and more productive, and this workshop discusses some of those. Marilyn Boyer, mother of fourteen children and a veteran home educator of twenty-two years` experience, shares her techniques for accomplishing a mammoth amount of housework while giving her children a superior education at the same time.

“Some Lessons We Have Learned” Audio:  When the Boyer’s started home educating in 1980, they were typical young parents with the typical misunderstanding of what education is all about. Since then, our two decades of home schooling have brought many surprises — many of them life-changing.

“Holding Their Hearts” Audio:  Listen as Marilyn shares from her heart how to effectively reach the heart of your children in order to instill a love of God in each one of them. Marilyn Boyer brings many years of parenting experiences with 14 children to this enlightening and encouraging presentation.


You can also visit Character Concepts on Facebook.

Spring Fling Giveaway: Spanish for You

If you are looking for a simple, effective, fun, and affordable way to teach your kids Spanish, you will love this giveaway and special offer, sponsored by Spanish for You!

Spanish for You! is a fun and easy-to-use theme-based curriculum for grades 3-8 that engages students through a variety of easily taught techniques and activities, AND saves
homeschoolers time and money by using streamlined lessons with inexpensive materials.

Rather than complete levels, students complete school-year-long themed packages that can be done in any order. The more themes students complete, the more they progress.
Children learn how the language works so they become language users! They learn vocabulary, conjugated verbs, and grammar concepts as language components to be put together in different ways to speak, read, and write in everyday life. You just follow the step-by step daily lessons at your own pace.

• Children of different ages can learn the same material during the same school year with
lessons tailored to their age/grade.
• There are games and activities they can do together.
• All materials are reusable.
• No Spanish experience needed by parent or child(ren).
• You can even make it a family or multi-family learning experience if you want!

Check out their full year homeschool Spanish program options here.

Need a Spanish curriculum for co-op classes? Spanish for You! was developed in a
homeschool co-op and is used by many co-ops around the country today!
• Simply teach using the weekly one-hour lesson plans.
• Assign the coordinating weekly at-home practice.
Check out how easy it is! 

Giveaway is now closed.  Winner is Lindee

One winner will receive a Spanish for You! Homeschool Themed Package for your choice of Grades 3-4, 5-6, or 7-8,  plus the coordinating workbook and supplemental songs. This prize will contain 2 physical books plus PDF and MP3 downloads. TOTAL PRIZE VALUE:  $68.89

US Addresses only.
Winner will be chosen on May 23, 2019.

Please note: This prize is not for coop class use.

By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to have your email also be shared with the sponsor, Spanish for You.


Special Offer:
Party Peeps are invited to use code SHIPFREE to get Free Shipping from now through June 2019.  Shop now!

You can visit Spanish for You on Facebook as well.


Facebook Party Giveaway: CalcuLadder

One of my golden favorites from over 20 years of homeschooling my six kids is CalcuLadder.  This program has been a longtime staple for quick and easy math drills for all ages at our house.

I absolutely love the ease of use, how fast and simple it is to implement, and that it’s fun for the kids.  

I am very excited that my friends at School Made Simple decided to sponsor this giveaway, freebie, and special offer for you!

CalcuLadder Math Drills turn finger-counters into number-crunchers! Having won over 30 math awards, CalcuLadder is the GOLD standard for math drills.  Their systematic, pleasant approach to math drills is effective and enjoyable.  I am thrilled to be able to share about this gem with a new generation of homeschoolers.

Freebie for all:

Get a Free Sample Pack of CalcuLadder, ReadyWriter, and AlphaBetter here! Even if you have gotten the sample pak before, you will want this new one, as it has been recently updated with different drill levels!  It’s a great opportunity to try out ReadyWriter, AlphaBetter, SanctiFinder, and CalcuLadder drills with your kids.