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One of my golden favorites from over 20 years of homeschooling my six kids is CalcuLadder.  This program has been a longtime staple for quick and easy math drills for all ages at our house.

I absolutely love the ease of use, how fast and simple it is to implement, and that it’s fun for the kids.  

I am very excited that my friends at School Made Simple decided to sponsor this giveaway, freebie, and special offer for you!

CalcuLadder Math Drills turn finger-counters into number-crunchers! Having won over 30 math awards, CalcuLadder is the GOLD standard for math drills.  Their systematic, pleasant approach to math drills is effective and enjoyable.  I am thrilled to be able to share about this gem with a new generation of homeschoolers.

Freebie for all:

Get a Free Sample Pack of CalcuLadder, ReadyWriter, and AlphaBetter here! Even if you have gotten the sample pak before, you will want this new one, as it has been recently updated with different drill levels!  It’s a great opportunity to try out ReadyWriter, AlphaBetter, SanctiFinder, and CalcuLadder drills with your kids.