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51 Benefits of Art Education for Kids

I’m sure you’ve heard how arts education is being cut from school budgets all over the US. For many home educators, this is one of the things they appreciate so much about the freedom they have to prioritize educational and enrichment opportunities for their children. I was contacted by Neve Spicer, founder of We The Parents, and she was kind enough to share this short article and her infographic with us.

Arts Education in schools is being backed towards a cliff edge.

In a bid to save the Arts, educators are trying to demonstrate that they enhance outcomes in non-art subjects. Yet, while it seems they do, studies rarely prove this beyond all reasonable doubt. The upshot is that, under pressure to funnel dwindling resources into core “academic” subjects (ie, math, literacy, and science), many schools are positioning Arts Education on the chopping block.

It’s time to take a stand!

Firstly, there is growing evidence that learning arts does improve academic achievement. But more importantly, the question must be asked: is the purpose of the Arts Education simply to boost academic results?

Emphatically, no!

Immersed in arts, kids experience the world and themselves in a different way. They often discover a lifelong passion, develop a sense of self and identity, grow in confidence, and envision a world beyond their immediate environment.

It’s vital that we reframe the case for Arts Education.

This visual guide by We The Parents helps to do this by highlighting 51 diverse ways in which Arts Education rewards children. It is clear that learning arts cultivates cognitive abilities, nurtures positive character traits, and fosters critical thinking. As you’ll see, many of the benefits span ages, genders, and socio-economic divides; some last a lifetime; and all are backed up by studies.

There’s never been a more important time to communicate the importance of Arts Education. Scientific studies struggle to capture the subtle yet profound ways in which the arts transform lives. And so, the impetus is on us – we who experience the positive impact first-hand – to share our story and to shout about it even louder.


~Neve Spicer, founder of We The Parents

Can young children really appreciate art? YES!

My sweet little granddaughter is only 2, and already she enjoys the Fine Art Pages on display in our bathroom.  Several months ago when she saw this Rubens work: Boy with Bird, she pointed to the curly haired child and said, “Look!  It’s me!”  She knew her hair was curly and free just like that little child in the portrait.

The other day she was looking at the same piece of art (yes, it’s still up!) and I wondered what she might say about it now, since she has been seeing it for months while visiting us.  I asked her if she liked the picture, and she pointed to it, looked at it again, smiled, and said, “Yes.  It’s beautiful!”  She pointed to the bird and smiled.  I wonder what she thinks about a child she identifies with holding a green bird on their finger!

Immediately after she talked about this painting, she turned to the other Rubens work that is near our bathroom sink, and pointed it out, asking, “What’s that?”  She was curious.  Art is interesting to her.  Her curiosity is already sparked, as a two year old.

I feel that she will know this work of art for the rest of her life.  She has a relationship with this painting.  She identified with it, connected with it, appreciated it.

None of the Rubens works on display are “for young children” or especially aimed for her age group. They simply offer the timeless joy and beauty that all fine art does. I believe that the human soul appreciates and even longs for truth, beauty, and goodness. When we see an inspiring work of art, when our hearts are thrilled by the sound of well-crafted music, when we hear a poem that reaches a part of us that we didn’t know existed, that’s IT. And young children have this in them as well.

Art is a language that can be understood by everyone, without regard for age, education, intelligence, or social status. Let your children feast on a lavish buffet of great art, beautiful music, rich language, and creativity! These things bring an intangible, innate value to each and every person that comes into contact with them, and can be brought into your home life so easily with the resources I’ve created for you at Enrichment Studies! Knowing the difference these things have made in my life and for my family inspires me to keep sharing these things with you.

To get a set of our Fine Art Pages for FREE so you can start using them in your home, click here!

Til next time,

Bible Story Art Lessons from See the Light

Bible Stories Art Lessons Giveaway

I am so delighted to tell you about a wonderful product from See the Light!  This company offers beautifully-produced video art instruction that is perfect for homeschool families and from those looking for additional art instruction for your children.  Instructor Pat Holt has made it so easy for you to just pop in a disc and let your children benefit from high quality art instruction, at extremely affordable prices.

This collection retails for $74.95 and includes 5 DVDs with over 17 hours of content!  With the help of this collection, your children will:

  • SEE the artist draw the Bible story.
  • HEAR the dramatic telling of the story.
  • DRAW step-by-step lessons related to the Bible.
  • SHARE the art and the story with others.

Check out a video sample of how terrific this is:

You can view more video samples from See the Light here.  Scroll down to where it says Bible Stories to see more samples from this collection.

You can also take 3 FREE video art lessons from Pat here!



Italian Opera Made Us Cry: Adventures at a Voice Recital

I like to encourage parents to take advantage of local arts opportunities with their kids, and today I did just that.  I took my 17 year old son with me to a senior voice recital for 3 high school seniors in our area.  We were treated to Italian opera, English Art songs, and musical theater songs, and it was truly astounding and emotional.  We scoped about it for a few minutes tonite:

Here are a few videos of songs that we got to hear at the recital today, though I think the students did even better than most of these performances!

La Zingara

Gia il sole dal gange: Look at all those rowdy opera concert-goers! Who knew?

For Good from Wicked: My new favorite song!

To follow the talented Lydia Graham on youtube and see her videos click here.


Art Contributes to Our Overall Health and Well-Being


I love this article! It explains how we benefit from art, music, and nature being a regular part of our lives!  Get printing your Fine Art Pages today so your entire family can benefit in body, spirit, and soul.

“That awe, wonder and beauty promote healthier levels of cytokines suggests the things we do to experience these emotions – a walk in nature, losing oneself in music, beholding art – has a direct influence upon health and life expectancy.”