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Facebook Party Giveaways: Directory

We are having so much fun this week with a big Facebook Party full of giveaways! In fact, there are hundreds of dollars worth of prizes being given away, and I don’t want you to miss a thing.

Since I know some folks couldn’t be at the live party for the entire time, here’s a list of all the freebies and giveaways that you can enter between now and May 8, 2021. (I’ll be choosing winners on May 9, so actually you’ve got until I start working my way through all these posts to remove the giveaway sign up!)


Get the current Fine Art Pages freebie from Enrichment Studies here

FREEBIE: Stories of the Pilgrims audio book from Jim Hodges


ABC Animals in Art

Ancient Egypt Fine Art Pages


Carole P. Roman books

Circle C Adventures (2 different giveaways, freebies, special offers)

Daily Art: 2 winners

Enrichment Cards giveaway

One Year All-Access Pass

RATATAZ Science Kit

Sound Bites

Take Time for Art

The Long Shadow book giveaway and freebie



Spring Fling Giveaway: Poetry Teatime Companion

I’m a longtime fan of Julie Bogart from BraveWriter, and the poetry teatime concept, so I’m thrilled to be able to give away one copy of this lovely poetry collection!

This full-color illustrated book includes 52 hand-picked poems to make your poetry teatimes a success year-round!

One winner.  $26.95 value.  US addresses only.

Giveaway will be open through May 6, 2018.
Winner is CHeri H.

Spring Fling Giveaway: Love

Learn more about this book at Amazon. (This is my referral link)

This sweet hardcover book takes the reader on a journey through many different ways that we see and experience love in life–from our parents watching over us as we sleep, to family gatherings and traditions, to weathering the hard and uncertain times in life.  If you’re especially interested in books that show a variety of cultures, colors, customs of people, you will appreciate this.  I ended up with an extra copy of this, so now will enjoy sending it on to a new home.  One winner, US Addresses only.  $14.76 value.  Giveaway is open through May 6, 2018.

Winner is Christy W

Spring Fling Giveaway: Excelerate Spanish

If you’re looking for a motivating, fun, and effective Spanish program for your children, you are going to love this! Excelerate Spanish teaches through immersion experiences via DVDs. I got this collection several years ago for my kids, and then of course what did they want to learn? French. lol So this wonderful set has been sitting on the sidelines, and now it’s waiting for a new home!

Set includes
-2 lesson books
-4 student workbooks
-1 answer key
-DVD discs 1-4
-and a copy of Daily Spanish for Dummies

Over $150 value, and perfect for families with up to 4 students!

One winner will be chosen.  US Addresses only.  Giveaway will be open through May 6, 2018.
WInner is Tiffani W

Spring Fling Giveaway: Disney Circle Parental Control Filter

Click here to learn more about Circle from Disney. (referral link)

As a mom of six, I’ve learned how important it is to have proper internet filtering in place in the home.  Several months back I decided to try out Circle from Disney because I liked how it can manage content on all the devices in the home, including things like time limits, different filter levels, pausing the internet (for times when you need the kids to do their chores!), and more.  

As it turned out, Circle wasn’t the best option for my family due to the type of router we had, and then I missed the return window for sending this still-in-box, like-new Circle!  So, now I’m going to let it go and pass this goodie along to one lucky family during the Spring Fling!  $97.99 value!  

US Addresses only.  Giveaway is open through May 6, 2018.
Winner is Serena

Spring Fling Giveaway: Letters from Afar

Imagine receiving a beautiful, hand-illustrated letter from a far-away land each month!  This is what Letters from Afar offers.  My family and I have been subscribers to this cool program, and each time one of these cool envelopes adorned with vintage stamps shows up in our mailbox, we get excited to see what’s inside. 

You can read my review about Letters from Afar here.

Giveaway is now closed.  Winners are Rebecca and Sandi.

Two winners will be chosen to receive a six month subscription to Letters from Afar!

Winners will be chosen on May 23, 2019

Open internationally