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If you are looking for STEAM-themed science kits, you are going to want to check out RATATAZ!

This comprehensive science program has done all the sequencing for you in a way that integrates science concepts across disciplines, so information makes sense and becomes more memorable.
The RATATAZ focus is on teaching kids how to think and not what to think. They believe strongly in helping students develop critical thinking skills, and to foster the natural curiosity that kids have.

Every RATATAZ unit includes a reading, writing, and hands-on experiment section. They integrate reading and writing strategies into science education. One key focus is teaching students how to strategically use opened ended questions to gather more information, just like scientists do.  These open-ended questions leaves plenty of room to explore concepts beyond the RATATAZ science kits. This is where real inquiry and exploration begins. It also comes with an NGSS outline guide, so you can easily identify what concepts have been covered in each unit.

Each subscription box comes complete with the supplies needed for each unit and requires very little setup and prep time.

These kits are designed for student-led activities and facilitation. This decreases parent workload while increasing student comprehension.

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