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I am very excited about this new grammar program from Dr. Melanie Wilson. Grammar Galaxy is a delightful and engaging story-based program that entertains your children while also painlessly teaching them English grammar!

The first book in the series, Grammar Galaxy: Nebula, is for beginning and early readers and writers.  Designed to be done as a partnership between parent and their children, you’ll lead the way into the day’s lesson by reading a section of the story of the Evil Gremlin who is trying to destroy the Grammar Galaxy, and then the children will do their coordinating Mission to help save the galaxy, which includes worksheets, reading assignments, or projects.  And guess what–it only takes about 10 minutes!   So fun, and easy for everybody!  I strongly suspect that your kids will be begging for more.

For those of you that love the living books approach of Life of Fred, I think you will find that Grammar Galaxy is a good fit for you.

Grammar Galaxy: Nebula is currently available.  You can purchase print or digital versions.  Check it out here.