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Home is Where the Art IsI didn’t grow up in a home with art, and when I got married and had a home of my own, I didn’t know how to decorate anything. Fortunately I was married to an artist, so eventually we accumulated a few things of his that we loved. Over the years I met people that inspired me to branch out into having art, color, and personality infused all over my home, and it has been really fun to grow into that.

I love having art of many different types all over my house, and my family does, too. Art is a natural part of our environment, and I think that’s a positive thing for all of us.

I’ve done several periscope episodes as a kind of show-and-tell from around my home, in hopes that you might get some fresh ideas about bringing more art into your own life. Enjoy!

P Carter Carpin Etsy store (this is the artist that created the Love Lives Here piece I showed on this scope)

Here are some of the books I recommended in this scope:

I love this book easel! It’s beautiful, sturdy, easy to use, and works great for our larger art and reference books. I love having them on display around the house!

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Jeff Mack art!  So cute and friendly.