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Parenting with Proverbs

I am often looking for practical ways to share wisdom with my sons without making the message overly preachy or creating a dislike for what the Bible has to offer.  I was really pleased to get to preview Luke and Trisha Gilkerson’s new book, Parenting with Proverbs.  They do a great job of encouraging parents to apply lots of grace while also sharing the wise advice found in Proverbs when discipling their children.

The suggested way to use the book is to specifically focus on a topic of concern (laziness, truthfulness, pride, and so on) and share the coordinating verses, possibly with the help of discussion starters.  However, I have been using it as a daily reading with my boys.  My at-home guys are 12-17, and I do not think this resource is too “young” for them.  Really, families with kids from kindergarten on up could benefit from this.  We have enjoyed the quick lessons and have had some good conversations about how to apply the concepts to our everyday lives.

One thing I am excited about that’s included in this ebook are memory cards for each verse that’s used in the book.  I printed mine out on card stock and we use them for copywork/handwriting practice!  So easy and practical.