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Homeschool InterviewAfter 18 years since starting our homeschool journey, I barely even think about the whys and wherefores any more. It’s just our life! But it was really fun and refreshing to do this interview for Amanda’s blog, Sicily’s Heart and Home. I got to share about my educational philosophy, my kids, why we homeschool, what a typical day in our homeschool looks like, and more.

I completed this interview early in February, weeks before we found out that our youngest son has Type 1 Diabetes, so now I have an additional reason to be thankful for homeschooling! I am so very glad that I can be home to manage his care each day, and that we do not have to add the time pressures of a traditional school day into our life right now. Diabetes can (and does!) throw some curves into our schedule, making for long, sleepless nights sometimes, or disruptions during the days due to low blood sugar and such.  Being able to go at a new pace that helps us take care of my son’s health is a big, big plus as well!


Click here to check out the interview, and Amanda’s blog!  If you have little ones you’ll especially enjoy her posts about Tot School!  🙂