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Ways to Experience the Arts for You and Your Kids!I love to encourage families about ways that they can experience and enjoy the arts at home, but I also love to encourage you to get OUT and experience the arts as well!  Whatever age your kids are, and whatever budget you are working with, there are usually MANY options for experiencing music, art, dance, theater, and MORE, not too far from you!  Watch my periscope replays for loads of ideas.  🙂  I’ve also got a list of ideas for you below the replays.  (There were two because a phone call bumped me offline during the first one.)

Local community arts center:  art openings, art on display, classes, dance, and more!

Student art shows:  At area schools, colleges, universities, community art spaces.  Senior recitals and art shows.

Museums:  Check to see if museums near you offer any free admission opportunities if you need that.

Art Hops, Gallery Hops:  Many cities offer free events where you can visit many different art galleries in one fun night.

Artist Series:  Check local colleges and universities.  Ask about student performances and discounts!

Art and music classes for homeschoolers:  Often available at colleges, taught by student teachers.  Also, YMCA, community art organizations, and after school programs are great places to check for these!

Check for discount last minute tickets at local venues.

Ballet, piano, and other recitals

Community theater:  Both to watch and to participate in!

Shakespeare in the Park

Ballet Under the Stars

Film Festivals

Brass band festivals

Jazz festivals

Libraries: Often showcase rotating art exhibits plus permanent art installations.

Coffee shops and local eateries often have art on display or for sale

Art is Everywhere:  Notice it in architecture, sculpture, landscaping, fountains, performance artists that are out in places where you go!  Take time to stop and admire the beauty and creativity that’s all around.