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Columbus Day

As a busy homeschool mom, I know all too well how some “lesser-known” holidays come around and I haven’t had time to prepare anything special to teach my children about it. Well, Enrichment Studies is aiming to make things easier for you by doing all the legwork! Our hope is that this Columbus Day resource collection will make it super simple for you to just jump in and enjoy sharing the information with your kids. We have bunches of printables, videos, and interesting things to learn. Whether you have little tykes or teens, there is something for everyone here.

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Christopher Columbus is the man credited with finding the American continent for the country of Spain on October 12, 1492.  Columbus Day is the day the USA and many other North and South American countries commemorate his discovery!  Most US states observe the holiday on the second Monday of October.  Columbus Day is also known as Dia de la Raza in many Latin America countries, Discovery Day in the Bahamas, Dia de la Hispanidad and Fiesta Nacional in Spain, Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity in Argentina, Day of the Americans in Belize and Uruguay.  These holidays have been celebrated unofficially since the late 18th century, and officially since the early 1900s.

During Columbus’ lifetime, the countries of Europe traded mostly with Asia along a land route called the Silk Road. This route was long and dangerous, and many explorers wanted to find a shortcut by water, to trade more easily with the Asian countries.

Christopher Columbus had the crazy idea to sail west, across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Asia. It took him three years to get funding for his voyage, and after being turned down many times by different countries, the Spain’s Queen Isabella finally gave Columbus three ships, and a full load of food and supplies.

On his way to what he thought would be Asia, he ran into the Bahamas, accidentally stumbling upon what would later become known as North and South America.

Columbus returned to the Americas three more times, exploring the Caribbean islands, and some of Central and South America.

Although there were accounts of a few other Europeans who discovered these lands before Columbus did, his voyage ultimately led to the colonization and full exploration of the huge American continents.

We hope you enjoy learning about him!

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Click here for a biography. Easy to read and enjoy for kids of all ages.

Biographical Timeline graphic

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Fun Stuff

columbus coloring pages

Choose from many different coloring pages here

Columbus game

Race to the New World with this Columbus Day game!

columbus word search

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columbus word search challenge

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Educational Helps

Free Homeschool & Notebooking Resources

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Find famous quotes by Christopher Columbus here.

You can turn any of these into a penmanship or copywork page here.

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Test your knowledge of Christopher Columbus with this quiz!

Living Books Curriculum was so kind to allow us to share their wonderful Columbus Day Holiday Helper with you. This helpful resource includes poetry, art, stories, and copywork for you to use with your children. The proceeds from Living Books Curriculum go to supporting schools in Africa. Learn more about that here.

Columbus notebooking collection

This notebooking collection features lapbooks, vocabulary, facts, historical information, and more!

Columbus alphabetizing

Put these words into alphabetical order

Answer sheet here

columbus word jumble

Printable word jumble

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Voyages of Columbus

Learn about the four voyages that Columbus took.

Columbus' Voyage Map and Ships

Make a map of Columbus’ voyage and small replicas of his three ships.

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Vintage movie about Christopher Columbus, perfect for younger kids!

It is very common that children are taught only good things about Christopher Columbus, but there were many sad and terrible things that went on as well. This video does a good job of explaining this for children without being too graphic.

Here’s a look at the first land, plants, and fish his crew would have come across!

Tour the Santa Maria!

Here’s a well-done documentary from National Geographic about America before Columbus landed.