Introducing Enrichment Cards!

The joy and beauty of the arts is best served with lightness and delight.  Let Enrichment Cards pop into your mailbox and infuse an ordinary day with lovely art and words that you and your children can hold, touch, feel, and cherish.

Twice each month you’ll receive a beautiful postcard featuring gorgeous art on the front, paired with poetry, lyrics, quotes, or other inspiring words on the back.  Each one is designed to be a delight to you and your family!

These 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards are printed on sturdy laminated card stock, so they’ll hold up nicely to being toted around, displayed on the fridge, wiping off sticky fingerprints, and in general being well-loved by all the children in your household.

Open to residents of ALL COUNTRIES at the same low price, this is an exciting new way to effortlessly include the arts in your everyday life!


Do Enrichment Cards have the same art as Fine Art Pages?  No.  Enrichment Cards will generally not feature the same art that is included in Fine Art Pages.  My goal is for Enrichment Cards to be a completely unique item that we offer, that will pair nicely with all other Enrichment Studies products, but will not duplicate them.

When will I get my first card?  You should get your first card in approximately 3 weeks or less from when you subscribed.

Is the Enrichment Cards content religious or secular?  I aim to do the same with Enrichment Cards as I’ve done with other aspects of Enrichment Studies, which is to be true to the time periods, artists, and work of creatives, without having it be religiously instructive.

So, it is possible that a quote or poem may mention God, or a piece of art may have a religious context. I would neither seek to include nor exclude an item based on such, but would be viewing it through a lens of appreciation for the arts and overall belief in the value of being exposed to lots of different high quality creative expression. I expect the majority of Enrichment Cards to not have religious content.
Though a Christian myself, I see Enrichment Studies as non-sectarian and something that will work for all families that value the joy and beauty of the arts.

What is your return/refund policy on this?  Enrichment Cards are a physically mailed item.  There are no refunds or returns.  You can cancel your membership at any time.