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Famous Inventors and Scientists:

Archimedes sample graphicYour curious kids will love these collections full of fascinating people that will astound and inspire them!

We’ve combed the internet to find the best available free resources about each person, reviewed them for their educational value, and have previewed everything to make sure that any potentially objectionable content is known to parents in advance so you can determine appropriateness for your own children.

We have compiled and organized our findings into an easy-to-use single page per famous person that includes all links, videos, and information for you, so you can easily get using the materials that best suit your family.

These will be great as a stand-alone supplement for your kids that need or want more to learn about, or while used in conjunction with your regular science curriculum.  Each resource has a good amount of quality videos, too, which are helpful for pre-readers as well as dyslexic kids and others that struggle with reading.  We have found these resources invaluable for quick, safe research for papers and projects as well!

You can check out our Archimedes resource here.  All of our Inventor and Scientist resources are formatted the same way, and are accessible in a members-only area.  

Here’s a peek inside our Famous Inventors collection so you can see how it’s set up:

Famous Inventors Collection: $14.95

Famous Inventors graphic brandedLearn about 11 famous and inspirational inventors:
• Archimedes,
• Alexander Graham Bell,
• George Washington Carver,
• Jacques Cousteau,
• Leonardo da Vinci,
• Thomas Edison,
• Henry Ford,
• Benjamin Holt,
• Samuel F.B. Morse,
• Nikola Tesla, and
• the Wright Brothers.

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Great Scientists Collection: $14.95

Great Scientists branded graphicLearn about 13 famous scientists:
• Archimedes
• Bohr
• Boyle
• Copernicus
• Curie
• Darwin
• Einstein
• Faraday
• Hippocrates
• Kepler
• Linnaeus
• Morse
• Newton
• The scientists in this collection coordinate with most (but not all) of those studied in Classical Conversations Challenge B. A great time-saver and help for ChB students.

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Thank you for all you do to help make our lives easier homeschooling and preparing for school.  I appreciate it more than I can say.  Thank you for “cutting the path” for us beginner homeschool families.