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Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Are your materials Christian-based or secular?  

Enrichment Studies is non-sectarian, staying true to the subject matter without any attempt to add to nor detract from religious elements that are an authentic part of the life or work of any famous person we learn about.  Those people with religious works, beliefs, and lifestyles will certainly be represented that way in the information shared about them, but we also have studies about historical people that were not Christian, or who struggled with addiction or “rough living” and so those biographies will reflect that as well.  I do my best to choose materials that we believe will be of value to homeschool families, while including notes or warnings for any materials that might be iffy for certain ages or families. I trust you to share your worldview and beliefs with your children in a way that makes sense for you.

So…what does lifetime mean?  For my lifetime?  For your lifetime?  What’s a lifetime in this case?  Well, I guess I can’t guarantee that I can keep this site going after I die when I’m a hundred years old….and you might be younger than me and live longer than I do!  Right? It’s even possible that I will not continue to run this business until the day I die when I am old.  OK. I assume that in another 40 years you and I will both be done homeschooling and our need for all of these goodies will be done, so I think we’ll all be ok.  🙂  So in this case, lifetime means the lifetime of this business, which we intend to keep going indefinitely.  If at some point in the future we decide to close our doors, you’ll have plenty of warning so you can get your stuff while the gettin’s good.  The point of using the term “lifetime” is that you’ll have continuous access to your items for as long as our doors are open.  There are no hidden fees. Just one bargain price and it’s yours for all the years we keep the lights on here at Enrichment Studies.




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