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Fine Art Pages


I don’t think I’m alone as a homeschool mother who dreams of sharing fine art with her children…..and then not getting it done.  I mean, by the time the money is spent on math books and science supplies and penmanship workbooks and great books to read, it feels hard to part with any more money for art books.  Or if you *do* get the art books, you have probably noticed that the kids don’t really gravitate toward them.  Nobody’s reading them!  Nobody’s looking at the pictures!  It feels like nobody cares!  And after a long day of schooling the kiddos, do you really want to tack art onto the schedule as well?

I know, ladies.  I know.

One day I came up with an idea.  What if I could introduce fine art to my children simply, painlessly, inexpensively, without taking up hardly any time, and in a way that would prevent the children from resistance because they wouldn’t even realize anything was going on?  YES!

So here it is, so simple that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner:  Fine Art Pages.

What is it?  Collections of beautiful, printable art, plus some information about each work and the artist.

The idea:  Print ’em out, put ’em up.  Let your family absorb, observe, and enjoy the art!

In addition to the art pages, you’ll also get some practical tips and suggestions about how to utilize the Fine Art Pages and get the most out of them.  (The good news:  Less Is More!)

Click on the painting to see a free sample of the Fine Art Pages:



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Here’s a GREAT video from Jarrod Bell, who blogs at Creative Dad at Home. He explains what Fine Art Pages are like, gives some additional ideas about how to use them, and even shows some of inside the Member’s Area so you can see how simple it is to access your materials.


Click here for a full list of all works contained in the first two collections of our Fine Art Pages collections.