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George Washington

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First President of the United States

Served two terms:  April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797 His Vice President was John Adams

Born 1732- Died 1799

George Washington was a charismatic leader who brought the fight for America’s independence to a successful conclusion. He was the only President to be voted into office by a unanimous vote. He excelled at many abilities, such as dancing and horsemanship. George Washington is often referred to as “the father of our country.”

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Extensive bio on Washington here.

This is a good biography for all ages.

Bullet point bio available here.

Extensive list of bio resources here.


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Find famous quotes by George Washington here. You can turn any of these into a penmanship or copywork page here.

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High school level lesson plans click here.

You can print out this reading comprehension packet that coordinates with A Picture Book of George Washington.  (You may be able to find at your library)  Includes picture clues, comprehension questions, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, and a crossword puzzle. Recommended for 3rd grade level.

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Multiple choice worksheet

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Click here for George Washington copywork.

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visit Learn more about George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon. You can even plan a visit!

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We have selected a variety of videos for you to enjoy that we believe are valuable and offer a good range of styles and information about this person and their work.  Occasionally the videos we choose malfunction or become unavailable.  If you see a video that is not working, please click here to contact us  (a new window will open) and let us know what page you are on and what wasn’t working.  Thank you.

In under 5 minutes this video gives you a very engaging biographical overview of George Washington. Very well done.

Liberty’s Kids is a really well done animated series about U.S. History! If you like this, know that you can watch all episodes of Liberty’s Kids on Netflix!

Your kids might get a kick out of this rockin’ song about George Washington. It might even help them remember the basic facts!

Such an interesting glimpse at the wax replicas of George Washington and the annual care they receive. A career option that most of us are probably unfamiliar with. Very cool!

I really like how this video both shows us something about George Washington while also teaching us about sculpture and the art process! So much wonderful inter-relatedness in various areas of education here: history, art, Latin, science, and more.

A Yale professor’s lecture on George Washington. This is part of the Open Yale Courses, and you can take the course online! Recommended for upper high school level. 45 minutes long.