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Seraphine Louis



Art Appreciation featuring Fine Art Pages

  You want to introduce your children to fine art, but lack the time and method for follow-through, right?  Fine Art Pages are the answer!  These downloadable, printable collections feature one piece of art per page, plus *just enough* information about the piece and the artist.  The method is organic:  print ’em out, put ’em up.  Let your family observe, absorb, and enjoy!  It works.  And best of all:  it doesn’t run on Mom Power! Would you like to see a sample?  Click here!

Seraphine Louis Fine Art Pages: $5.50

Seraphine Louis, also known as Séraphine de Senlis, was a French artist born on September 3, 1864. Growing up in a small village, she developed a deep love for nature and became a self-taught painter. Working as a cleaner, she painted in her free time, using simple materials like cardboard and wood.

Her paintings, known for their vibrant colors and naïve art style, often depicted landscapes, animals, and flowers. Seraphine believed that angels and spiritual beings inspired her art. Discovered by art collector Wilhelm Uhde, she gained recognition and had her work exhibited in Paris in 1932.


Included are 11 pieces of art in both our traditional Fine Art Pages format, as well as full page versions. You’ll also get our fun and helpful guide, “How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home.”

Style: Naive Art (Primitivism)

Time Period: 1900s

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You can also get this collection printed and shipped to you. Click here and you can find this in alphabetical order under Seraphine on the order form.

“My family is enjoying the prints that I have posted around the house in strategic places — fridge, breakfast nook, and over bathroom sink. Thank goodness for plastic sleeves! One of my son’s public school friends commented recently that he thought it was really cool that we have rotating art pictures posted around the house. :)”