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Thanks for visiting me from TikTok!

I’ve joined the world of TikTok and am so excited! As a person that’s always up for a good kitchen dance party, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!

I’m Erica Johns, and I homeschooled my six kids for 24 years. (the youngest finished up in 2021) I love to encourage moms (no matter where their kids go to school), share fun ideas for stealth learning, and provide great and easy ways to enjoy more art, music, poetry, and other good stuff in your everyday life.

I have put together a little collection of freebies for you to get started with today. Just add this to your cart, go through the free checkout, and download the items you’d like to use.

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All are welcome here: moms of all stripes, kids and teens, and anybody that enjoys adding the joy and beauty of the arts into their lives!

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