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100 Women Composers Through the Ages

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Though the historical world of music seems to have been largely dominated by men, women have been making music since the dawn of time.

Take this 20 week chronological journey through the ages to experience the contributions of 100 women composers from the Byzantine era, through the Renaissance, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras, all the way up to contemporary women composers that are still alive and creating music today! Each weekday you’ll get to know a bit about these talented and innovative women from many different times, cultures, and nations, and be introduced to their work with this delightful, straight-to-your-inbox music appreciation program called Sound Bites!

It’s so easy: You’ll receive a simple email each weekday for 20 weeks that features the music of the day. One click from that email will hop you right over to Youtube so you can watch & listen to a video of the featured piece. Easily accessed on your phones, tablets, and computers, you will finally be able to include a consistent music appreciation component to your days, without any planning required.

You can listen during breakfast or lunch, during chores, or perhaps during some quiet drawing time. However you want to implement it, your daily Sound Bites will be ready when you are.

This collection is perfect for relaxed summertime learning, or make it a part of your upcoming school year. With this purchase you can go through the course with all of your children once, starting anytime you like over the next year.

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Check out a Sample

Once your program starts you’ll get an email each weekday for 20 weeks. Each one includes a small introduction to the composer, sometimes a picture of her, and a link to one or more videos about her or sharing her music.

Here are three to check out:

Hildegard von Bingen
Clara Schumann
Germaine Tailleferre