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Check out our Duke Ellington resource to get a feel for what these are like.

Our Jazz collection is about half way through getting upgraded to the new layout, and the 5-Day Tours will be coming along as we’re able. We are moving through the process to upgrade all of the collections, so you’ll get to enjoy that when it’s all in place as well. ūüôā

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Presidents Resources on Sale Now!In honor of Presidents Day, all of our U.S. Presidents products are on sale. This includes U.S. Presidents 1-6 and 7-12, as well as the coordinating Quotes from U.S. Presidents Penmanship and Copywork books. I have really loved using these books with my sons this year. Not only has it been good penmanship practice, but the quotes are so good, they often spark a meaningful conversation.

All of our president resource pages have now been upgraded to our beautiful new layout, so it’s easy on the eyes and better than ever! 5-Day Tours will be coming up as soon as we’re able to create them.

You can check out our George Washington resource here, and get a free sample of the Quotes from U.S. Presidents here.

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Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on this day in 1826


Did you know that 50 years, to the day!, after signing The Declaration of Independence, two of the USA’s Founding Fathers died within a few hours of each other? ¬†This is a moving story, and you can read more about it here.


Doing the research for our U.S. Presidents collections was very moving for me. ¬†Of course I was familiar with the names and some things about each of our early presidents, but I had never learned so much about the vision, character, and steadfastness of these men who served our county in the early years until I got to do this research and track down these resources myself. ¬†True, they were not perfect men, and I’m sure they had many flaws that we could all discuss. ¬†However, just as is true of many heroes throughout the ages, flawed people can also usher forth great things. ¬†What an encouragement for you and me!


If you haven’t yet shared any of our U.S. Presidents resources with your children, I want to encourage you to do so. ¬†You can enjoy the entire George Washington resource here, and you can download a free sample of our Quotes from U.S. Presidents penmanship and copywork book here.


You will love what George Washington had to say about his mother

George Washington about mother

Click this pic for a downloadable, printable version of this graphic!


Isn’t that just beautiful? ¬†And, homeschool moms: ¬†in the years to come your kids are going to appreciate all the good that they are receiving from you, too!


I love this quote (and find it so encouraging) that I also selected it to be a part of our Quotes from U.S. Presidents Penmanship and Copywork ebook. ¬†You can get a free sample of it, which features this quote, when you go to this page here. ¬†It’s totally free to download and print out and use with your kiddos. ¬†Feel free to share with your homeschooling friends too! ¬†(and why not work in some Mom Appreciation straight from a Founding Father into the school day, right?!)



Happy Birthday George Washington!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.11.34 AM

Happy Birthday to the first President of the United States!

George Washington was an impressive man that lived a life of service to the early nation of America.  I loved learning more about him when I put together our presidents resource about him!





G Washington

G Washington about mother

Almost All US Presidents Were Related to King John of England

This is so interesting! ¬†This young girl started out doing a¬†project about her own family tree, and discovered that she’s a distant cousin of President Obama! ¬†She also found that almost all of the U.S. Presidents are related to England’s King John, who signed the Magna Carta!

I just love it that she got so into her research¬†that she put in the effort to do this epic project! ¬†That’s real learning right there: ¬†A spark that leads to a fire! ¬†Very cool and inspirational.


Happy Birthday William Henry Harrison!

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 5.00.42 PM


Did you know the our 9th president of the United States was only in office for a month?! ¬†That’s right. ¬†He started out his presidency by giving the longest inaugural address in history. ¬†It was freezing cold and rainy outside and he didn’t wear a hat or coat. ¬†Just like your mom always told you could happen, he caught a cold. ¬†A month later he died from pneumonia. ¬†ūüôĀ

Despite his short tenure as president, he did have an interesting life and served in the U.S. military and government in many different ways before becoming president. ¬†You can learn more about William Henry Harrison as well as other fascinating U.S. Presidents in our awesome Presidents collections available here. ¬†We will be having a sale on these items in honor of Presidents Day, starting on Feb 15! ¬†Be sure to get our freebies and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss it!

You are also welcome to help yourself to the printable version of this quote from William Henry Harrison by clicking the graphic here:

William Henry Harrison quote