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Did you know that 50 years, to the day!, after signing The Declaration of Independence, two of the USA’s Founding Fathers died within a few hours of each other?  This is a moving story, and you can read more about it here.


Doing the research for our U.S. Presidents collections was very moving for me.  Of course I was familiar with the names and some things about each of our early presidents, but I had never learned so much about the vision, character, and steadfastness of these men who served our county in the early years until I got to do this research and track down these resources myself.  True, they were not perfect men, and I’m sure they had many flaws that we could all discuss.  However, just as is true of many heroes throughout the ages, flawed people can also usher forth great things.  What an encouragement for you and me!


If you haven’t yet shared any of our U.S. Presidents resources with your children, I want to encourage you to do so.  You can enjoy the entire George Washington resource here, and you can download a free sample of our Quotes from U.S. Presidents penmanship and copywork book here.