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Do you feel like the wheels are coming off your homeschool? Here's what to do.Since 1997 when we first began homeschooling, I think the very hardest months to keep going are the winter months. The combination of lack of sunlight, being housebound a lot, and being at the midpoint of the year can combine to make a really tough spot to get through.  In this chat I talk about my best tips for how to handle it, and the all-important rule that I’ve made for myself that has helped me many, many times!






Takeaway tips:

Make No Big Decisions In January or February!

Know what you’re dealing with.

Decisions make under duress lead you into situations that can become disempowering.  Wait.  (Watch my talk on disempowerment in homeschooling here)

Observe and take notes.  Hold onto these notes til it’s time to evaluate your school year and make plans for the next year.

Find fun ways to burn off energy!  (Watch my talk about beating the winter blues here)

Get something fresh going on!  

For bigger issues, observe and take notes, and let it percolate til spring.  Often you’ll see some resolution as you get closer to the end of the school year.

Plan to take time in April, May, or June to evaluate the needs of each of your children individually.  Include your notes and observations from winter and since then.  Start considering what plan will work best for them in the coming year.  (Take time to evaluate how YOU’RE doing, too, and make a plan for self-care as well!)