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As we get so focused on figuring out the nuts and bolts of teaching math, history, science, and language arts, it can be easy to overlook the need for what I call The Homeschool Oasis. Our children are not machines, and they cannot (and should not) be task-driven all day, relentlessly graded and assessed as they face new challenges left and right.

There is a space between sit-down school and free play that I call The Homeschool Oasis. This space offers structure for important experiential learning that is best offered as a free gift, without the pressure to teach, grade, or assess. This is an important secret sauce to a successful homeschool routine.

In today’s video I share about some of the items that work well in the Homeschool Oasis space, so you can start to think about how you can include that in your days.

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I have a freebie to help you start your Homeschool Oasis habit!
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Be sure to read the included How to Use Fine Art Pages in Your Home so you understand how to get the best results from them.)

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