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One of the things I’ve loved about being a part of a homeschool support group is that my kids have had opportunities to take part in regular school experiences like competitive sports teams, proms, groups classes, yearbooks, clubs, and graduations.  Last year our third child, Jacob, graduated, and it was our first experience with a homeschool graduation ceremony.  I was so impressed at how lovely and meaningful it was!  All of the graduating seniors were decked out in cap, gown, and tassels, and received diplomas, and I loved that it was in no way a second-rate experience for them!

With three remaining high schoolers to graduate from our homeschool, I was delighted when Homeschool Diploma wanted to send me some of their products to review!  I noticed during our senior year, many parents in our group did not know where or how to find graduation supplies for their homeschooled senior, and I ended up kind of cobbling together items helter-skelter, so I know this is a common need.  Being able to see the large assortment of options, and experience the quality of the products available at Homeschool Diploma has been impressive, and I am so excited to share about this with you!

Homeschool Diploma offers all the supplies and products you need for your seniors, from the actual diplomas and diploma covers, to caps and gowns, announcements and Thank You cards, gifts, and even class rings!  If you’ll have a graduate within the next four years, you will definitely want to get in on this.

The first item I got to check out was a beautiful customized diploma.  Since I don’t have a graduating senior this year, I made one up for a friend of ours, and it really turned out lovely.  You can choose from really nice standard, simple diplomas for as little as $29.99, or choose from many different options to create a more personalized keepsake that reflects your homeschool and student.

The one we got has the graduate’s name and school name on the front cover, a beautiful engraved seal, a Bible verse, and a diploma cover tassel.

It’s wonderful quality and I love how it offers parents the opportunity to convey their joy and accomplishment in graduating their child in ways that reflect their own style and personality.

In addition to the diploma, we also opted to get an extra, archive copy of the diploma.  This is great so that your graduate can take their actual diploma with them, but mom and dad can keep a spare copy for their records in case it’s ever needed.  It’s high-quality and enclosed in a clear, archive envelope to protect it.

We were also able to get a cap, gown, and tassel set, which is a must-have for any graduation ceremony.  Homeschool Diploma offers two fabric types (matte or shiny) and a wide variety of colors.  Gowns are sized by height, so it’s quick and easy to choose one that’s right for you.  Plus sizes are also available.  I was really pleased to see that the quality of the gown is quite nice.  The fabric has a soft, comfortable feel and a nice weight and drape, and the zipper works smoothly and feels like it is good quality.  The cap is also well-made and sturdy.

I especially liked the charm on the tassel, which is a good weight and definitely feels like a quality keepsake, and not some cheaply made trinket.  Certainly you could save and reuse these caps and gowns for future graduates in your family.

The final item I was able to check out was the personalized notecards.  We opted for a navy blue card with Matthew’s name in gold on the front.  The paper used for these notecards is a nice weight and quality.  These cards are perfect for post-graduation thank you notes, as well as an ongoing stash of personalized stationery as your student goes on to further education,  job interviews, and so on.  Since the cards are completely navy blue, you will want to get a white gel roll pen to use with them, and thoughtfully, Homeschool Diploma offers one for a nominal fee.

All-in-all, my impression of everything that I got to experience from Homeschool Diploma was care and quality.  Each item is something I would be so pleased to use with my own graduates, knowing that every item is well-made and high-quality and reflective of our excitement at having reached this milestone with our child!