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Carpe diemWe are expecting a big snow here in central Kentucky.  Starting after midnight tonite the snow should begin to fall, and not stop until we have 8-15 inches, or so the weather people say.  This is big snow for Kentuckians (and yeah, I grew up in Syracuse, NY so yes I DO know about BIG snow!) and very exciting for our kids.

We are ready to make the most of it.

We bought extra milk, since of course I’ll need to make lots of homemade hot cocoa.  🙂

We bought a couple more sleds so that we could have plenty of races.

We got some more pairs of gloves to keep fingers cozy.

And you know what?  The Winds of Inspiration have come to me, and what did they say?

After-Midnight Sledding Party!

Oh yeah, baybee!  (Because you know, The Winds of Inspiration are not to be denied!)

Once we get enough snow on the ground tonite, we’re going out to our backyard hill to make some epic memories.  I am so excited, and so are my kids!

Fellow parents, ponder this:  

Our kids get one childhood, and we get to spend it with them.

 There are no do-overs.  

When you get the opportunity to do something





and special

clear the deck and say


as much as you can.  

It is life-giving.  

You’ll be making memories with your kids that are




for now and forever.