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We are going to have an awesome Facebook party next week, and I want YOU to come!


What is a Facebook Party?

Basically, a bunch of cool, smart people (like you!) come on over to our Facebook page at party time, and have some fun.  We’ll introduce ourselves, talk about homeschooling, have some fun, and….oh yeah….I will be giving away a ton of stuff!!!


  • Because we have finally made the jump from being Classical Composers Monthly to the new & improved Enrichment Studies!
  • Because our new site is up and running!
  • Because I want to have a party and celebrate, and thank all of you for being the best people to work with!

Who can come to the party?

  • All existing customers!  I’d love to take this opportunity to host you at my party to thank you for your support and enthusiasm for what we do.
  • All of your friends!  This is going to be a great opportunity for your homeschooling friends to get a taste of what we have to offer, and maybe win some prizes, too.  (In fact, there might just be a prize for the person that brings the most friends to the party!)
  • All newbies that just found out about us and want to check it out.  If you homeschool, you need to come to this party!
  • Basically, if you homeschool your kids or are thinking about homeschooling, if you teach kids of any age, if you’re a grandparent that loves to encourage enriching opportunities for your grandchildren, then you should come to the party!

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