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Party time
Hey everybody!
Welcome to the Facebook party! I’m Erica Johns, owner of Enrichment Studies, and I am so glad that you could be here tonite.


We are going to have a bunch of giveaways to tell you about during the party, PLUS we are doing to have a huge Grand Finale prize, AND a totally FREE product that every single one of you can get tonite!


I’ve got an important tip for you in handling all the fast action and fun that happens at one of these events.  Set yourself up with one tab or window set to the Enrichment Studies Facebook Page, and set the other up at the Enrichment Studies Blog.  That way you can more easily hop back and forth between the two.  🙂


Sound good?


For our first giveaway, I want to give each of you a set of freebies that I’ve put together.  It includes a Handel composer resource, Monet artist resource, Duke Ellington jazz composer resource, Archimedes scientist/inventor resource, and more!  Simply sign up below and I’ll send it all to you so you can check it out later.  🙂  I’ll also be able to stay in touch with you later on, so you’ll know when we have new products, more freebies, and great sales!

Once you’re done signing up for the freebies, head back over to the Facebook Party so you can find out what’s next, and win some prizes!