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Did you know the our 9th president of the United States was only in office for a month?!  That’s right.  He started out his presidency by giving the longest inaugural address in history.  It was freezing cold and rainy outside and he didn’t wear a hat or coat.  Just like your mom always told you could happen, he caught a cold.  A month later he died from pneumonia.  🙁

Despite his short tenure as president, he did have an interesting life and served in the U.S. military and government in many different ways before becoming president.  You can learn more about William Henry Harrison as well as other fascinating U.S. Presidents in our awesome Presidents collections available here.  We will be having a sale on these items in honor of Presidents Day, starting on Feb 15!  Be sure to get our freebies and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss it!

You are also welcome to help yourself to the printable version of this quote from William Henry Harrison by clicking the graphic here:

William Henry Harrison quote