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Back when I was in high school, I somehow discovered my mom’s collection of Rod McKuen poetry.  She shared her books with me, and his beautiful words got into my heart and mind and never left.


Over the years I’ve gathered up a few more of his books (you can only get them from used book stores now) and I still love his poetry.


Rod McKuen died recently at the age of 81.  He had over 200 albums and more than 30 collections of poetry.  Today I’m going to share just a couple for you.


An Outstretched Hand 

for Jay Allen

by Rod McKuen


Each of us was made by God

and some of us grew tall.

Others stood out in the wind

their branches bent and fell.

Those of us who walk in light

must help the ones in darkness up.

For that’s what life is all about

and live is all there is to life.


Each of us was made by God

beautiful in His mind’s eye.

Those of us that turned out sound

should look across our shoulders once

and help the weak ones to their feet.


It only takes an outstretched hand.



For My Son

by Rod McKuen


Watching children grow

is like threatening the ivy

to climb the garden wall.

You wait for it to happen

you hurry it along with love.

But still you’re disappointed

at giving someone life enough

to walk off on their own

and not be carried in your arms.

You never turn your back—not once,

and yet one day they’ve grown apart

or taller.

It’s all the same.


Polly put the kettle on we’ll all have tea.

Giving love to children

has made us older overnight.